Written By Gary Spirer Published April 19th, 2011

The story.

As peculiar as this may sound, almost anything I can conceive, however brief, involves a story. Someone must know the story behind the recommendation. Even when people first meet –even by a glance—there is some association, which is a part of your story and an association which is part of theirs. Everybody relates to stories. She did that. He did this. That happened or will happen. We are creators of stories, of past, present, and future. Real or imaginary, our myths are full of symbols or patterns of behavior called archetypes, which repeat among all people and reflect similar behavior and a collective unconscious.


Coupled with stories in suspense. The element of suspense—the story about what happened or might happen—is the fuel of life. It is what entertains, threatens, creates, brings potential problems and the question of whether certain solutions will happen—even miracles.


In all stories, interwoven are characters against themselves, others, and the environment. Time creates the suspense and conflict. One second, minute, we are in one state of mind, and some internal idea, impulse, etc. can create change, the unknown, a problem, a circumstance.


We are driven by the desire to make the unknown known.

Roger Due

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