Review of ‘Get Rich Click!’ by Marc Ostrofsky

Written By Gary Spirer Published April 27th, 2011

Get Rich Click by Marc Ostrofsky blows away any idea that all the opportunities on the internet have already been mined. Marc brilliantly shows that the internet is full of mines ready to be discovered and claimed.

Get Rich Click outlines endless possibilities to build income and net worth with the combination of the internet, mobile and social media. Instead of being overwhelmed, Get Rich Click takes you by the hand, explaining chapter by chapter how each piece of the internet puzzle fits together.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced player looking to start up or go to the next level, Get Rich Click is like a treasure map telling you where the gold is.

What makes the book so enlightening is that you get to see how Marc, a real world success, sees and thinks about, and strategizes and implements opportunities.

In Marc’s internet world, the only limitation is you and your imagination!

Marc reviews numerous business models from the smallest – such as those who have succeeded on Click Bank – to the biggest, like Google, Groupon, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. He also points out with entertaining stories how some everyday people have made it big.

Throughout Get Rich Click, you get to know Marc as a passionate entrepreneur who wants you to make it big too. You meet Marc, the proud father of five daughters, and Marc, the son, who recently lost his mother Shirley to whom he dedicates the book.

As someone who has read thousands of business plans, financed numerous companies, and operates various internet businesses, I rarely write book reviews because few books merit much praise.

It is clear Marc set out to tackle the internet world and demonstrate its possibilities with the same determination and commitment to excellence that he brings to his own businesses.

Here’s how Get Rich Click creates your treasure map for success on the internet.

You quickly realize the world of the internet lives and dies by the click.

Chapter 1: There is a Get Rich Click mindset. As most successful entrepreneurs come to learn, you have to understand leverage. You have to focus on your strengths and outsource your weaknesses; you can’t do it all.

Get Rich Click shows you how the internet allows you to eliminate the middleman – called disintermediation. You learn that for many businesses, there is a straighter line to your customer, relationships and repeat sales. Understanding disintermediation and the internet is at the heart of making money and cutting costs.

Although Get Rich Click points out that most retail sales and most advertising still occurs offline, the internet, along with mobile, social media and multi-media marketing using text, audio, video and photos, is a massive growing connector of all aspects of our lives.

At the end of the Chapter 1, Tony Hsieh of Zappos tells Marc personally 10 lessons in building a successful business on the internet, including “Customer service is an investment and not an expense”, and “Be wary of so-called experts.”

Chapter 2: I loved the idea of sell first, then buy or create your product or service. You learn how Marc started his career by selling things first, then buying them. This strategy alone paid for the book a thousand times over – no kidding.

And you learn “7 Different E-commerce Models to choose from”.

In Get Rich Click you get case studies such as how Zachary and Nathan Doctor started when Zachary was ten years old and Nathan was twelve – the company now does $8 million in sales.

Without spoiling this tour de force of the internet world, you learn of how Marc sold one domain for $7.5 million.

You learn in the remaining chapters about:

1. eBay marketing
3. Search engine optimization
4. Search engine marketing
5. Advertising and local search
6. Paid versus organic search strategies and tactics
7. 10 Great Reasons to Own a Generic Domain Name
8. Why vertical search is so important
9. 7 Steps to Making Money with Google AdSense
10. How to determine the value of keywords
11. The strategy of internet advertising

And so much more…

I loved the part of the book that covered Pay Per Action or Pay Per Performance – 30 ways to get paid, such as pay per call, pay per applicant and pay per listen. You also learn 100+ ways to optimize your website for search and improve your traffic.

Get Rich Click Tip: rather than optimizing a page for multiple keywords, focus on optimizing for one keyword per page.

You learn linking strategies such as people love to link to tip lists, and these lists can become documents of authority in your industry.

You learn ten great ways to attract traffic, including inviting visitors to return and signing up at traffic exchanges. You are shown ten steps to making money with affiliate programmers – the “fastest growing area of E-commerce”.

I never knew how much money you could make on Click Bank until Marc explained it.

From content, to social networking – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube strategies, tactics and apps – you are shown how you can devise numerous money making and community building approaches.

Marc clearly explains the new frontiers of mobile marketing, mobile visual search and video marketing and how to take advantage of them.

By the end of the book, Get Rich Click, you realize that you have been given the keys to internet marketing, innovation and numerous resources, case studies, strategies and tactics.

So, what would I say were the shortcomings of Get Rich Click?

I felt that there should have been more delineation between beginners versus advanced strategies and tactics, and the Get Rich Click brand surely is prevalent – sometimes too much.

To be fair, the shortcomings pale compared to the value. Each chapter could be a course by itself. Get Rich Click exudes an overriding passion to educate and to show what to do to make it big on the internet.

In its zeal to give you all – which it does – you must choose to implement one or two chapters at a time. There’s enough to Get Rich Click beyond your wildest dreams!

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Gary Spirer

Gary holds a bachelor’s degree in Literature from New York University graduating magna cum laude, and an MBA in Finance from Columbia University.

Gary began his career at the prestigious investment banking firm Lazard Freres, where he worked at their real estate affiliate. Subsequently, Gary founded his own real estate company, Capital Hill Realty. In real estate Gary has developed, syndicated and invested in properties that in today’s value, aggregate over $500 million. Gary has raised over $60 million dollars from individuals and small funds.

Gary founded Capital Hill Group, Inc, a boutique investment banking firm, in 1981. Capital Hill Group, Inc. is a member of FINRA and is governed by the SEC. Gary continues to provide investment banking services for emerging growth companies, and is one of the leading experts in raising capital, building businesses, real estate and marketing, especially on the Internet.

Gary’s passion for finding a new way to market and sell products and services on the internet, on mobile phones and across other media started with creating a simple survey/assessment and evolved into a game-changing lead gen and sales software – Finbucks – launching in the summer of 2011!

Gary has been involved in the entertainment world, film, and is currently finishing a Wall Street thriller.

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