Exit Strategy

Steps to Get Your Business Acquired Smoothly

However, being well-known for something is also an attribute that can help you sell your company to a buyer. If you looking for someone to take your business off your hands, here are six tips to get your business acquired…

Steps to Building a Saleable Business

However, this will not be possible unless you build a saleable business from the beginning. If you cannot sell your business, you will be stuck running it forever. Learn how to start a new business with the intent to sell in six easy steps…

Family Business? What you can do to make sure the kids run the business properly

When children are involved, things can sometimes get messy because children are family and tensions within the family cannot be easily left at the workplace like they can in other instances. If your children are going to assume a leadership position at the business you created, then you have to keep a few things in mind; below are three steps you should always follow

When should you NOT pass your business to your kids?

Keeping it all in the family is a mantra for a lot of people; they want their kids to preside over the business they built and some people will blindly hand the keys to the enterprise over to their kids when the time comes. Yet, giving the keys to the son or daughter (or to both) may not always be a wise idea and business owners should never let family ties get in the way of

Steps to pass your business to family

Do you have a business that you would like to pass on to your family members someday? If so, then you may want to read on. Passing a business to family members can be a smooth transition, but if not well planned can be costly.

Going Public: The Process for Small and Mid-size Companies to Go Public.

It’s the dream of every person who starts a business to some day see it trading in one of the stock exchanges even after they are no longer associated with the company.

Going Public by Way of Regulation D (504) Offering…

Under the Securities Act of 1933, any offer to sell securities must either be registered with the SEC or meet an exemption. Regulation D (or Reg D) provides three exemptions from the registration requirements, allowing some smaller companies to offer and sell their securities without having to register the securities with the SEC.

Going Public: Now that You Have Successfully Made the Transition, What Do You Do?

Ok, you have successfully accomplished your dream of being the CEO of a public company. The stock of your company has a symbol and you are continually going to the computer to check the price, you tell all your relatives and friends and you even tried to encourage them to buy the stock.

Nine Ways to Exit Your Company

As many of you may remember, singer Paul Simon said there are 50 ways to leave a lover. If you are a business owner thinking about how to leave your business you have nine options to consider. This article contains a brief summary of the pros and cons of these options.

Steps to selling your business and gain profit

There are certain situations where you search for the answer for “how to sell your business?” This question arises in every businessperson’s mind when they have to sell their products with or without a broker. The simple thing to sell your business is outlined below.

Steps to Having a Successful Merge with Another Business

When the winds of change are too strong, it is better to be like the tree with a soft and flexible trunk and bend, rather than be rigid and get either blown away or broken. It is fortunate business units who get an offer to merge with bigger units. The market is always full of lead players who are eyeing upcoming units that show a spark and once they are convinced of the potential of the young enterprise, they come up with a business merger proposal.

Pass on a Family Business: Steps To Consider To Avoid Pitfalls

Keeping a business in the family isn’t for the sensitive types -even Donald Trump must have his moments of doubt. In fact only approximately a third of family-owned businesses succeed under a second generation of ownership and the survival rate drops to about 10 percent when the third generation takes over. However, it is also […]

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