6 Surefire Steps To Squeeze Maximum Sales From Your Website

If you operate a website and want to squeeze maximum revenue from it, the following 6 tips will kick-start your efforts. Since no formula exists, you should constantly test and tweak for new ways to squeeze more money from your sites.

Steps To Convert Hits Into Sales

One of the common questions asked by web site owners is: “I’m getting plenty of hits but no sales – what is going on?” This article will give you some tips on how to address this issue.

Sign Our Guestbook – How Signing Guestbook’s Or Creating Your Own Helps Your Website

Guestbook’s are some of the most popular areas on websites. Before a consumer does business with you, they are likely to check out your guestbook. Guestbook’s are somewhat like testimonials in that they offer real feedback on your site, your business, and your products. They are honest and are created from those that have had some sort of experience with your business or those who simply visit your site. Signing other guestbook’s or creating your own can really help your webs…

10 Tips For Web Success

The webmaster’s biggest job is to get their traffic up and keep customers/visitors coming back. Building the site is one thing, but simply building and posting a website does not guarantee traffic. In fact, a website could be beautiful and an example of all the latest technology and still not attract a single visitor if not promoted correctly. Here are 10 tips to guide you to success with your website.

(1) The internet is a new medium.
At least compared to print, it is. A…

7 Secrets To Building Your Online Credibility

In a way, the Internet may be compared to the Wild Wild West. (Where do you think the acronym ‘WWW’ came from?) There is no real central authority that is in charge and many scam artists take full advantage of this. Especially as a small business owner with no large company name behind yours, building credibility in the prospect’s mind becomes crucial.

Here are seven ways to build your online credibility.

1. You may find it beneficial to place your picture (even a smugs…

Steps to Management Success – Step 96: Be an Armchair Psychologist


Be an Armchair Psychologist

As a prerequisite for attracting more customers and providing superior customer service, you need to get into your customers’ heads. That’s the kind of information that isn’t fully revealed by marketing databases or by tracking buying preferences and patterns—which is why you need to dig a little deeper.

Steps to Management Success – Step 66: Be Direct about What You Really Want


Be Direct about What You Really Want

Salespeople might recognize this as a corollary of the cardinal rule “Ask for the sale.”

The underlying principle is indeed quite similar. You can make a dazzling presentation—to a customer, your boss, your committee, whomever—but if you don’t include a clear and compelling call to action, you are omitting the most critical element.

Steps to Management Success – Step 53: Treat Your A-List Like Stars


Treat Your A-List Like Stars

A business that goes the extra mile earns the respect, loyalty, and referrals of its customers. We’ve already established the primary importance of treating all of your customers well. Great service makes great business sense. That said, some of your customers—perhaps 10 to 20 percent of them—are your best customers. And it’s smart business to do what you can to treat them even better.

A Key Step to Motivating Buyers

In the sale or the exchange, there are emotions being evoked which could increase or decrease the sales likelihood:

Step 1: The Seven Positive Emotions & The Seven Negative Emotions

Steps to the Art of Sales

Step 1: Why Will People Buy From You?

In Sales it is more important that you understand why people buy than it is how to sell.

People buy because of the collective benefits in the:

a. Idea
b. People
c. Story
d. Emotions

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