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Asking for a lot of money

Most people dream of making a lot of money. Few actually get there–and more often than not, it’s because they themselves don’t believe that they’re worth it, so they never ask.

This article begins with a discussion on defining “a lot” of money and ends with a story detailing one person known to the author who went from a salary of $40,000 to $115,000 in four years.

Management | Tips for Best Gifts for Boss Birthday

As they say, the workplace is somehow your second home. Your workmates and each and every people within the industry or company is your family. It is important that within the management you can establish a good relationship with your co employees especially towards your boss.

On Entrepreneurship | Tips to avoid Awful First Impression

It is a fact that CEO’s is one of the busiest people in the world and just like computers there are somewhat like programmed by all their meetings and duties. If you are embarking on entrepreneurship you ensure that you always have to appear as good and excellent as you are to in order for you to avoid awful first impression. The following are tips or steps on how to avoid it.

Steps to “prenups” for business partners

Are you about to enter a partnership with someone. Chances are business unions, kike other partnerships, require a formal legal written document to protect everyone involved. These documents are known as prenups can save you and your business partners a great deal of money

Steps to little known jobs available for disabled people

here are vocational rehabilitation services in all 50 states that can help provide you will the skills necessary to succeed in today’s tough market. These services include helping to land you a position. After you give this a try there are other methods you can use to get a job and even placement agencies designed to help the disabled. Take a look…

Steps to the best gifts for your boss’ birthday

Given the current economic situation at the time of this writing your boss can be considered your lifeline right now. On his or her birthday, give a gift that shows how much you value your working relationship while maintaining your professional decorum. Here’s how…

Steps to Get Local JV Partners

Joint venture (JV) partnerships can be tremendously beneficial to both partner businesses. Each business (or service professional) can leverage the other’s business contacts, assets, market reach, and professional experience to increase customer base, product lines, or any number of other reasons behind forming a joint venture. For example, a…

Tips To Creating A Great Resume

If you fall into this category you will have to polish up your resume to remain competitive in the job hunting pool. But there are a few resume tips that can help you get noticed and get hired. Take a look.

15 Steps On How To Welcome Your New Employees

Have you lost potentially good employees because they have failed to understand and failed to fit into your workplace. The difference between a new employee being a success or failure is often down to how he or she is welcomed in the first few days and weeks. Here are 15 tips on how to welcome your new employees.

Steps to reviewing the background of your advisor or business partner

The recent headlines that showcase ponzi schemes and double crossing partners has lead many to want to check the background of potential advisors and partners. In fact, the United States Postal Service advocates a constant review of your own background to prevent identity theft and to check the criminal history of any person that handles your financials given

Steps to take when receiving advice from an advisor about entering into a partnership

Are you interesting in joining a partnership? If so, there are a lot of questions to ask and issues to consider. How can you be sure that the partnership will have a going concern a year from now? Will the business be solvent? Are you going to lose your capital contribution in six months? These and many other factors must

Steps to employee benefit package plans

If a small company does not have multimillion dollar profit margins, then to compensate an overworked staff a cost effective employee benefit package plan should be formulated and implemented. An employee benefit is also known as benefit in kind, fringe benefits, perquisites or perks. It is defined as non wage compensation provided or given to employees of a company

3 Ways Coaches Can Use Their Site To Get More Clients

Trying to get clients can seem like a catch-22. In order to hire you, they need a strong sense of what you do. But to get that sense they need to work with you first! It’s because of this hurdle that direct selling or direct response methods like cold calling or placing ads don’t work. Those channels don’t get you clients directly. So how can coaches deal with selling the unknown? Make it known and use your web site to do it!

Consulting: Expanding The Definition

In my book “Anyone Can Consult!”, it has been brought to my attention that I use the masculine pronoun “He” in my writing. That’s because it was traditionally a male dominated industry, but that has changed now!

As women have broken the glass ceiling in almost every industry and enterprise over the last 30 years, so has the consulting business become more accessible to the fairer sex. I wouldn’t dare proffer the case that ANYONE can consult and leave out half of the popula…

Background Checks and Balances

Get the right person for the job with accurate background checks and resources for that purpose.

Partnering: How It Benefits Your Computer Consulting Practice

Partnering provides three important benefits to computer consultants. You can broaden the services you offer, build your sales force and earn about 1/5 of your income just from partnering.

Steps to selling stock options to employees: some ideas

There are many ways to sell stock options to employees. Stock options give the employee the right to buy shares of company stock at a specified price once the stock rises to that price or above. Let’s take a look.

Step 1 Talk to your employees

Steps to leave a job: a few tips

In today’s corporate world, a little respect can go a long way. Whatever your image in your current job has an enormous effect on your future career. Your current coworkers and boss will need to provide references for you at some point in the future. Hence, never blow up at your boss or co-workers. If you know how to resign gracefully, you’ll leave your current position with a sense of confidence and pride that will carry over to your new job and beyond.

Steps to gracefully leave your partnership: a few tips

When you are running your business as a partnership, naturally it is a breeding ground for conflict. Either the egos of staffers interfere because everyone wants or thinks to be a chief, or because there are personality conflicts. This is the main reason of ending of partnerships. So, when you end a partnership, end it gracefully. So, how do you leave your partnership with style? The following are few tip for leave your partnership gracefully:

Steps to Leave Your Boss Gracefully With No Complaints

An individual has numerous reasons to leave a job. Remember the final impression on left on your boss is very important. Then, how to leave our boss gracefully? Whatever may be the reason, if you do not like the job or the boss, gracefully leaving your boss is very important. As such, saying good bye to your boss in a professional manner will be worth it and favorable to you in the short-term and long-run.

Steps to Hiring a Talented General Counsel

The economy, the legal system, acquisitions, mergers, development and booming economies have all affected the way the general counsel works and what assigned duties must be in modern law and business. Here’s how to hire a talented general counsel for your company.

Steps to Management Success – Step 136: Never Let Your Resume Go out of Date


Never Let Your Resume Go out of Date

Periodically update your resume so you can promptly send a version that contains your most current information. When people request your resume, they usually want it relatively quickly; they generally don’t want to wait until you get around to sending it. If it takes forever to arrive, the delay could damage their opinion of you; it might even take you out of the running. When they are forced to wait, requesters’ enthusiasm about you or the project may wane. So, put yourself in a position to strike while they’re still fired up.

Steps to Management Success – Step 134: Acknowledge All Correspondence


Acknowledge All Correspondence

Whenever someone sends you mail or e-mail, other than mass mailings, promptly acknowledge it. At the least, thank them for the message. A quick acknowledgment is a courtesy that tells them that you read their message and want to remain in contact. It will buy you additional time to get back to them with any substantive information they may have requested.

Steps to Management Success – Step 130: Smaller Portions Now Can Lead to Big Dividends Later


Smaller Portions Now Can Lead to Big Dividends Later

Whenever you have to split an uneven amount of money, always take the smaller amount. For example, if you have $99 to divide, give the other person $50 and keep $49. It’s not the amount that matters—even a dollar will make your point. The small amount you give away is a tiny price to pay for goodwill, and that goodwill can last for years. In fact, when dividing almost anything, take the smallest portion if there is one.

Steps to Management Success – Step 128: Don’t Go to Meetings Empty-Handed


Don’t Go to Meetings Empty-Handed

Prior to attending a meeting, even if it’s with just one other person, set the agenda; know exactly what you want to accomplish at the meeting. Decide beforehand on the topic you plan to discuss, how you will introduce it, and precisely how to proceed. Anticipate who might disagree with you or try to divert you and how thwarting you would benefit them.

Steps to Management Success – Step 120: Learn How to Get Past the Gatekeeper


Learn How to Get Past the Gatekeeper

Whether you’re pitching yourself in an interview or your service or product in a sales presentation, you need to be speaking to the person who can say yes. That person will inevitably have someone guarding her door and phone line. Your mission, if you choose to be successful, is to circumvent that gatekeeper.

Steps to Management Success – Step 119: Don’t Wait for Everything to Be “Exactly Right”


Don’t Wait for Everything to Be “Exactly Right”

Because we live in a less-than-ideal world and usually fall well short of being omniscient, it is usually not feasible or realistic to wait until all the facts are in before making a decision or launching a new venture or project. Perhaps Napolean Hill, America’s original positive-thinking guru, said it best: “Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right.’ Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.”

Steps to Management Success – Step 118: Do Your Homework


Do Your Homework

Whether you’re making a sales call, going on a job interview, or preparing a report, there is no substitute for being as well prepared as possible—and no good excuse not to be!

Steps to Management Success – Step 114: Half-Assed Work Leads to Half-Assed Results


Half-Assed Work Leads to Half-Assed Results

Sometimes we are all tempted to coast—to give a project a perfunctory, halfhearted effort. And even though you may have the best excuses in the world for not giving something your best effort, the quality of your work tends to speak loud and clear for itself.

Steps to Management Success – 111: It’s a Job, Not a Prison Sentence


It’s a Job, Not a Prison Sentence

There are times—perhaps more than a few—when you will feel frustrated, burned out, and downright trapped by the way things are going at work. Fortunately, most of those feelings will pass, or at least subside—but when they don’t, it may be time to move on.

Steps to Management Success – Step 110: Find Your Yoda


Find Your Yoda

A good mentoring relationship allows both mentor and mentee to develop new talents and build self-awareness. In business settings, the mentee can become more in tune with a corporate culture, and the mentor can hone leadership skills. But arguably the toughest part of a mentoring relationship is finding a mentor. Don’t expect results overnight, but do what you can to cultivate potential mentor relationships.

Steps to Management Success – Step 108: Be Entrepreneurial


Be Entrepreneurial

This is the age of the free agent. Even if you’re not the owner of the company you work for, act as if you are. Seniority and experience simply don’t have the value they once did. You have to do more than just show up and put in long hours. You have to produce profits—and results.

Steps to Management Success – Step 103: Don’t Make the Boss Look Bad


Don’t Make the Boss Look Bad

This rule could very well be the most obvious one in this book. After all, what reason could it possibly serve to “dis” the boss? It’s nothing that anyone with any sense would do intentionally—but there’s the rub. Many otherwise sensible people show up or otherwise undercut the boss unintentionally. And at the end of the day, whether you meant to or not doesn’t really matter.

Steps to Management Success – Step 90: Get to the point

STEP NINETY Get to the Point There is a well-known saying in the business world: “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with B.S.” Unfortunately, too many people treat this as a rule. Vague, waffling, and meandering communications in any form can only lead to confusion and misunderstanding . . . which […]

Steps to Management Success – Step 86: Write Fan Letters

STEP EIGHTY-SIX: Write Fan Letters

There are probably a few business leaders, speakers, or consultants (including, perhaps, the occasional business book author or two) whom you read about and whom you’d love to meet and maybe even work with. Don’t let their fame—or misperceived high price tag—get in the way of your getting together.

Steps to Management Success – Step 71: Make Sure to Have at Least One Specialty


Make Sure to Have at Least One Specialty

Of course it’s good to know a little bit about everything and to be as familiar as possible with every aspect of your business—but you don’t want your knowledge base to be a mile wide and an inch deep. Becoming an expert in a strategically relevant area or two can greatly enhance your current value to your company—and be a valuable selling point throughout your career.

Steps to Management Success – Step 56: Keep It Short and Sweet


Keep It Short and Sweet

If you do a Google search for job interview tips, the advice to not ramble will pop up time and time again—but it’s not just good advice for interviews. It’s applicable to the rest of your professional life as well.

Steps to Management Success – Step 54: Know Your Strengths


Know Your Strengths

Most people build their career mainly on their qualifications and experience. Unfortunately, they ignore the most important asset they have for achieving success: their own strengths. Unless we know our strengths and use them, we risk getting into occupations that do not suit us—or performing well below our potential in whatever endeavor we choose.

Steps to Management Success – Step 47: Perception is Reality


Perception is Reality

Books are judged by their covers, houses are appraised by their curb appeal, and people are initially evaluated on how they choose to dress and behave. In a perfect world, this is not fair, moral, or just. What’s inside should count a great deal more. And eventually it usually does, but not right away. In the meantime, a lot of opportunities can be lost.

Steps to Management Success – Step 45: The Best Way to Find Something Is to Actually Look for It


The Best Way to Find Something Is to Actually Look for It

Sometimes the phone number is in the white pages—and sometimes you may have to call twelve people and search the Internet for hours to track down the information you need. The more you can think out of the box to get information and solve problems, the more successful you’re likely to be.

Steps to Management Success – Step 43: Break Bad Business Habits


Break Bad Business Habits

As a conscientious and determined businessperson, you do everything in your power to make smart decisions and take fruitful actions. Sure, you do your best to avoid mistakes, but you may still be making bad moves every day. They’re not the kind of errors that will stand out to you, because you’re used to making them. They’re bad business habits—knee-jerk, routine actions made without forethought but carrying plenty of consequences. And because they come to you so naturally, you may find nothing wrong with them.

Steps to Management Success – Step 41: Make Sure You Are Seen


Make Sure You Are Seen

Businesses spend significant money on advertising campaigns and marketing programs to get themselves noticed—otherwise they get lost in the ever-competitive marketplace.

Steps to Management Success – Step 32: There is No Such Thing as a Secret


There is No Such Thing as a Secret

Keeping information confidential is one of your many professional responsibilities.

If you need to know why you can’t make exceptions to disclosing secrets, just look in the mirror. Admit it—you yourself know how hard it is to keep secrets, so you have more than an inkling of how difficult it is for others to do so.

Steps to Management Success – Step 30: Learn to Be Promotable


Learn to Be Promotable

Become an employee your company wants to retain and promote. If you don’t know the answer to a question, know where to find it. Be aware of the structure of your business. Look at the organization chart and understand where you fit, where your department fits, how many people report to your manager, and so on.

Steps to Management Success – Step 24: Don’t Let Your Past Haunt You


Don’t Let Your Past Haunt You

No matter how awful your previous employer was, no matter how terrible your boss was, no matter how evil your coworkers were, never, ever burn your bridges behind you. It doesn’t matter how bad things were—don’t take it out on your boss or coworkers in person before you leave.

Steps to Management Success – Step 18: K.I.S.S., Sort Of . . .


K.I.S.S., Sort Of . . .

I’m quite sure you’re familiar with the K.I.S.S. acronym—“Keep it simple, stupid.”

Steps to Management Success – Step 15: Presentations as Performances—Time to Practice


Presentations as Performances—Time to Practice

To sell your ideas, products, and services in business, you need to make effective presentations—to management, to your team, to clients, and even over the phone.

Steps to Management Success – Step 10: Without Communication, You’re Destined to Fail


Without Communication, You’re Destined to Fail

I’ve heard that at least half of all management problems occur as a result of poor communication—and I believe it.

Steps to Management Success – Step 9: Work on Your Business, Not Just for Your Business


Work on Your Business, Not Just for Your Business

There are many tasks that never “need to be done tomorrow.” But they do, in fact, need to be done. Unless you regularly schedule time to work on growing your business and to answer critical questions, you may find yourself too busy to get to the issues you really need to focus on.

Steps to handling difficult colleagues

Do you have difficult colleagues in your business? Find out how to handle them professionally.

Step 1 Find the source of the problem

Most people use the term personality conflict to describe a situation where they are dealing with a difficult colleague. Generally speaking, these situations in any business occur over time. Small annoying behaviors are left unnoticed and begin to wear down on the parties involved.

Steps to Management Success – Step 2: Underpromise and Overdeliver


Underpromise and Overdeliver

This is the one thing you can always do to improve business relationships and reinforce your reputation for reliability: Deliver what you promise. In fact, you should even take it one step further.

Suit your presentation to your audience

Who is your audience? Developing your presentation/speech with your audience in mind can help prevent awkward moments; and determine success.

Each individual/social group comes from a different social context. Thus, a successful presentation/speech for coworkers can be received differently from your congregation at the local church.

Combat your fear of public speaking!

Are you dreading that presentation coming up around the corner? There are many ways you can overcome your fear of public speaking AND give the BEST presentation possible.

Research has shown that public speaking is the number one fear of all Americans. However, with good strategies and preparation, you can overcome your fear of public speaking.

Steps to “Coaching” Success Inside You

Is there such a thing some call DNA of Success The fact is that success is not found somewhere out there randomly. Many of us already have what it takes to succeed in life. We areborn with all we need. True, the American birth certificate doesn’t come with any guarantees of success, but you come […]

Steps to Dealing With Difficult People at Work: Bosses, Co-Workers and Friends

In the ideal world you workplace is perfect, you will have no difficult coworkers. However, I have never worked at a place like that. Dealing with difficult coworkers, bosses, clients, or friends is an art worth perfecting. It is challenging, but can be very rewarding rewarding. Here are some steps you can take in dealing […]

The Call CEOs Dread: Steps To Avoid Making a Terrible First Impression

The call most CEOs dread could start like this: “Hi, my name is John Smith. Kent Johnson suggested we meet. Is there any time in the next few weeks we could get together for lunch?” or “Can we have lunch, just to get to know each other better?” You have no idea how busy CEOs […]

Why Do You Write A Resume (CV)?

THE NUMBER ONE PURPOSE OF A RESUME If you live in the USA in 2010 you probably have heard from all your friends that you should keep your resume available at a minute’s notice. The resume is a tool with one specific purpose: to win an interview with a potential employer. If it works, it […]

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