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Steps to “prenups” for business partners

Are you about to enter a partnership with someone. Chances are business unions, kike other partnerships, require a formal legal written document to protect everyone involved. These documents are known as prenups can save you and your business partners a great deal of money

Steps to Get Local JV Partners

Joint venture (JV) partnerships can be tremendously beneficial to both partner businesses. Each business (or service professional) can leverage the other’s business contacts, assets, market reach, and professional experience to increase customer base, product lines, or any number of other reasons behind forming a joint venture. For example, a…

Steps to reviewing the background of your advisor or business partner

The recent headlines that showcase ponzi schemes and double crossing partners has lead many to want to check the background of potential advisors and partners. In fact, the United States Postal Service advocates a constant review of your own background to prevent identity theft and to check the criminal history of any person that handles your financials given

Steps to take when receiving advice from an advisor about entering into a partnership

Are you interesting in joining a partnership? If so, there are a lot of questions to ask and issues to consider. How can you be sure that the partnership will have a going concern a year from now? Will the business be solvent? Are you going to lose your capital contribution in six months? These and many other factors must

Partnering: How It Benefits Your Computer Consulting Practice

Partnering provides three important benefits to computer consultants. You can broaden the services you offer, build your sales force and earn about 1/5 of your income just from partnering.

Steps to gracefully leave your partnership: a few tips

When you are running your business as a partnership, naturally it is a breeding ground for conflict. Either the egos of staffers interfere because everyone wants or thinks to be a chief, or because there are personality conflicts. This is the main reason of ending of partnerships. So, when you end a partnership, end it gracefully. So, how do you leave your partnership with style? The following are few tip for leave your partnership gracefully:

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