3 Ways Coaches Can Use Their Site To Get More Clients

Trying to get clients can seem like a catch-22. In order to hire you, they need a strong sense of what you do. But to get that sense they need to work with you first! It’s because of this hurdle that direct selling or direct response methods like cold calling or placing ads don’t work. Those channels don’t get you clients directly. So how can coaches deal with selling the unknown? Make it known and use your web site to do it!

Steps to Management Success – Step 110: Find Your Yoda


Find Your Yoda

A good mentoring relationship allows both mentor and mentee to develop new talents and build self-awareness. In business settings, the mentee can become more in tune with a corporate culture, and the mentor can hone leadership skills. But arguably the toughest part of a mentoring relationship is finding a mentor. Don’t expect results overnight, but do what you can to cultivate potential mentor relationships.

Steps to Management Success – Step 90: Get to the point

STEP NINETY Get to the Point There is a well-known saying in the business world: “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with B.S.” Unfortunately, too many people treat this as a rule. Vague, waffling, and meandering communications in any form can only lead to confusion and misunderstanding . . . which […]

Steps to Management Success – Step 54: Know Your Strengths


Know Your Strengths

Most people build their career mainly on their qualifications and experience. Unfortunately, they ignore the most important asset they have for achieving success: their own strengths. Unless we know our strengths and use them, we risk getting into occupations that do not suit us—or performing well below our potential in whatever endeavor we choose.

Steps to Management Success – Step 47: Perception is Reality


Perception is Reality

Books are judged by their covers, houses are appraised by their curb appeal, and people are initially evaluated on how they choose to dress and behave. In a perfect world, this is not fair, moral, or just. What’s inside should count a great deal more. And eventually it usually does, but not right away. In the meantime, a lot of opportunities can be lost.

Steps to Management Success – Step 43: Break Bad Business Habits


Break Bad Business Habits

As a conscientious and determined businessperson, you do everything in your power to make smart decisions and take fruitful actions. Sure, you do your best to avoid mistakes, but you may still be making bad moves every day. They’re not the kind of errors that will stand out to you, because you’re used to making them. They’re bad business habits—knee-jerk, routine actions made without forethought but carrying plenty of consequences. And because they come to you so naturally, you may find nothing wrong with them.

Steps to Management Success – Step 18: K.I.S.S., Sort Of . . .


K.I.S.S., Sort Of . . .

I’m quite sure you’re familiar with the K.I.S.S. acronym—“Keep it simple, stupid.”

Suit your presentation to your audience

Who is your audience? Developing your presentation/speech with your audience in mind can help prevent awkward moments; and determine success.

Each individual/social group comes from a different social context. Thus, a successful presentation/speech for coworkers can be received differently from your congregation at the local church.

Combat your fear of public speaking!

Are you dreading that presentation coming up around the corner? There are many ways you can overcome your fear of public speaking AND give the BEST presentation possible.

Research has shown that public speaking is the number one fear of all Americans. However, with good strategies and preparation, you can overcome your fear of public speaking.

Steps to “Coaching” Success Inside You

Is there such a thing some call DNA of Success The fact is that success is not found somewhere out there randomly. Many of us already have what it takes to succeed in life. We areborn with all we need. True, the American birth certificate doesn’t come with any guarantees of success, but you come […]

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