The top reasons startups need proper documentation

Starting your own business can be hassling not to mention tiresome. But there are ways to make the process easier over a period of time. Maintaining documentation is one of the steps. Documentation has multiple purposes for new business startups and by keeping documentation, your firm will be…

Steps to understanding merchant contract cancellation rules

With so many new rules and policies regarding contract cancellation, it can be mind-boggling on the legal time frame to cancel a contract without consequence. But these rules are important because they are your rights. Take a look at some of the important new regulations regarding contract cancellation. Step 1 Remember the 3 day rule […]

Steps to Managment Success – Step 124: Get It in Writing


Get It in Writing

In the immortal words of Ronald Reagan, “Trust, but verify” (referring to arms control with the old Soviet Union). That is, it is fine to expect the best, but you must plan for the worst. It is all well and good to do business on a handshake, but the savvy business professional knows that more is needed. The less left to misinterpretation, misunderstanding, differing perspectives, and unexpected contingencies, the better.

Steps to Management Success – Step 76: Let Your Word Be Your Bond . . . and Your Reputation


Let Your Word Be Your Bond . . . and Your Reputation

When it comes to business agreements, your word or handshake should be your bond. Make sure to earn and maintain a reputation for honoring your agreements.

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