Steps to branding yourself or your product

Branding is part of the “what makes you unique” campaign, which has become the fulcrum for all of marketing and of business in the 21st century. but what steps do you take to engage in the process of branding? Here’s how.

Steps to Management Success – Step 105: Protect and Serve Your Brand


Protect and Serve Your Brand

A brand is essentially how people perceive your company, your products, and even you. It’s the basic overall perception that your customers and prospects have. Obviously, having a positive brand image can be a strong competitive advantage. People may often do business with you based solely on their perception of your brand, so it behooves you to manage those impressions for maximum sparkle and shine.

Steps to a Branding Solution for Small Businesses

Mostly it is thought that branding is for large businesses. However, a small business can surely improve its appearance by having a brand name.

Step 1 Get a brand logo

Obtaining a brand involves association of a company with logos, a specific slogan or a jingle, packaging, highlighting main features or hallmark etc. The reason for having a brand is not to reserve an image for some business rather it is helpful for remaining memorable, loyalty of customers and gains familiarity.

Steps to determine a name for your business

You may be self-employed but that does not necessarily mean you have a name for your business. Find out how to know when to choose a name.

Step 1 Know when to name your business

If you work and interact with clients on a regular basis you should probably name your business even if it just consists of you and your services.

Steps to choosing the right color of your brand

Are you trying to find the right color for your brand, logo, or website. Look no further. Below is a quick guideline to color schemes.

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