Inventors and Inventions

How To Decide Between Manufacturing vs. Licensing Your Invention

The six ways to determine manufacturing vs. licensing your invention deal with comparing the pros and cons of both options…

Steps to avoid invention company scams

Every year hundred of promising inventors are scammed out of their life savings according to Invention magazine because inventors do not look at the following list of precautions before spending their hard earned dollars on a dream. Take a look.

How to Get your Board Game Invention Recognized by the Board Game Industry

A board game is a game that is played across a decorated set by two or more players. The board (set) may have markings and selected spaces, and the board game may have tokens, stones, dice, cards, or other pieces that are used in a specific way throughout the game. If you have invented any board game and want your board game invention to be recognized by the Toy Industry Association industry, you should always do the following.

Get a Prototype of Your Invention

You have an idea that you would like to make into a saleable product. You have patented the invention idea and need to go to the next step in the inventor’s chain- prototyping. Some of the steps listed below explain how to get your invention a prototype.

How to get your Toy Invention Recognized by the Toy Industry

A toy inventor’s path to success today requires hard work, endless attention to detail, a little luck and above all, an appreciation of the unique toy market requirement that shape the toy industry. Fortunately, most of the toy companies welcome the ideas of external inventors and appreciate their toy creations and inventions. Toy companies avid annual capacity for new items or toys.

How to Design an Invention Prototype

Designing your own invention is quite challenging as well as rewarding experience. A good invention should be well designed and appeal to a wide audience before you can realize any profit from your creation. A good design idea will definitely help you to set your invention apart from other competitors and you can continue with the patent application process. Following are simple tips on how to design an invention prototype:

Inventors and Inventions: How to keep your ideas from being stolen

We all want to live in a trustworthy world – but we all know that is not the real world. If you are an imaginative, entrepreneurial type, then it is plain that protecting your ideas is a very important thing, indeed. Given that, there are definitely a few things a man or woman can do to protect his or her intellectual property.

How do you become an inventor? 3 Easy pieces

We all want to leave our mark on the world; it is a natural way to feel. Being an inventor requires talent and a real vision – but it also requires things that all of us can cultivate: close observational skills; an ability to see how other people might need the things we need; and a willingness to brave ridicule. Below are three steps by which you can become an inventor and a path-breaker in the world.

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