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Donald Trump For President In 2012?

The word is that Donald Trump is flirting with the idea of running for President in the next election. Recently, Trump has been hitting the Television and radio waves giving rather candid interviews on what he would do to save America from a demoralizing government leadership and from being the “whipping post of the world.”…

Company Brings Hope to African Entrepreneurs

News reports often tell of the struggle to lift Africans out of poverty. One entrepreneur is doing her part to bring hope to that continent through a business endeavor that is now bringing its products to the world market.

10 Steps to Economic and Educational Success: Facing Reality versus the Fairness Myth

Here’s what the country faces: The confusion of do gooding and fairness with achievement and success. What ails the US economy and its education system is the constant desire to rationalize the idea of equal outcome. By the nature of being human, you will always have a pecking order. Some will succeed more than others. […]

Business Customs Practiced in China versus the US

Educating yourself on local and national customs, especially acceptable business etiquette for your host country can make the difference in the success or failure of your business dealings abroad. For example, many business customs in China differ from the US in terms of appropriate greetings, socializing, the acceptance of gifts, and general business behavior. The following…

Business Custom Practices in Germany that Differ from the US

In many cases, European customs are very similar to US customs, and therefore it may be easier for a US business person to make errors in etiquette or think that there is no need to educate themselves on local business customs. However, there are many customs and business practices which are different and should be observed to prevent offending business colleagues and associates.

Steps to determine the impact the soaring national deficit will have on your business

With an increasing national debt and commercial banks being unable to give out small business loans, which is the lifeline for nearly all businesses, the US economy at the time of this writing is at a standstill. While there is no easy solution to reverse this economic trend, for right now you need to be aware of the implications a growing deficit will have on your business.

Steps to the best Biotechnology firms in the USA

They also undertake projects in plant engineering for medical research as well as research in food production and pest control for human plant and animal diseases and pest control. There are many biotechnology firms in the USA the five best include Amgen Inc…

Steps to determining the best way to maximize a college degree

The recent economic downturn has many wondering how to maximize the value of a college degree. If you wonder how can it help you in the future, the read on.

Steps to Upcoming science breakthroughs helping business

Take a look at the recent breakthroughs in science and how they can impact your business in the coming years.

Steps to using Metrics and Measures for successful Corporate Social Responsibility Planning

That is why corporate social responsibility has become an important activities of the corporations on national as well on global basis.YOu business depends upon you having a corporate social responsibility plan in place because your customers judge your firm on this. Let’s see what you can do to determine if your existing plan is effective.

The TOP 50 WAYS to Survive College for the First-Time-Off-To-College Kid

A Tongue-in-Cheek checklist for surviving the first year of college!

Ancient Mayan Mummy Proves A Tattoo Is Forever

Curiously enough, the mummy’s bones revealed what at first appeared to be dichotomous lifestyles. She was apparently motherly, because bone evidence revealed that she had given birth to a child, but a variety hardly motherly clubs were also found buried with her. An archaeologist explained the seeming duality of tenderness and weaponry by stating, “My theory is that she went to the grave, regretting the tattoos and asked to be buried with clubs so she could ward off any evil spirits who might arrive to apply even more tattoos.”

Steps to preparing for an EPA inspection

Per federal and state regulation, nearly all businesses, especially those involved in manufacturing or chemicals, must comply with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. Generally, the inspection process involves an initial meeting to set up the time and date and to give you time to get your records in order. Then an EPA inspector visits your company and

Steps to upgrading your corporate social responsibility program to meet current demands

Given the current trend towards corporate respnsibility to the public and to social welfare, your business or corporation may need to update your corporate social responsibility policies to meet the new era of regulation. Here is a look at how you can update your policy and develop a cohesive plan for all employees in your firm to follow.

Steps to managing the global financial crisis

The 2007-2009 global financial crisis has hit home for millions of people across the globe. Many small businesses have closed due to lack of cash flow and an insufficient demand for their products. Even larger companies are facing financial problems. Take Dave & Buster, Home Depot, and even iTunes has reported sluggish below average sales of music downloads

Steps to understanding how the BP Gulf Oil Spill can affect your business

On April 20, 2010 an explosion on Deepwater Horizon, an offshore oil rig, owned by oil giant British Petroleum (BP) caused what is now known as the Gulf Oil Spill. At first the spill was thought to have affected only the state of Louisiana. But, the oil also did affect Mississippi and Georgia also. Despite efforts to contain the free flowing oil, the oil from the rig still continues to leak, although some of the oil to date is being channeled to another rig. June 2010 estimates of the cost of clean up and financial payments

Many ‘healthy’ and vegetarian foods contain MSG in the form of yeast extract

Article by the Health Ranger Mike Adams describes a popular method for food manufacturers to use MSG in processed foods without having to list it specifically on ingredients labels.

EMF dangers and how to protect against them

Electromagnetic fields are very harmful and are found everywhere due to the high amount of products that emits this emf. It is for this reason that we should be aware of these emf emitting products and how to protect us from them.

The Claiming Compensation Culture in Europe

Over a decade ago in the USA the compensation claim culture came to rise, this has now followed into Europe, but what is compensation culture and is this a positive or negative part of our society ans European Law?

The Indian Community in Japan – Know The Customs

There are many Indians living in Japan for different reasons – some are doing business, some are working, yet others are studying in this country. Most of these people often feel disoriented and homesick and are hungry to know and fraternize with people from the same communities they are from. If you are planning to live in Japan, or you are already living there and are missing your country – check out the local Indian communities both online and offline for comfort and advice. Let allindiajapa

R&D Funding Keeps U.S. At Forefront of Innovation

Federal support of science and technology, combined with the research and development conducted in private industry, has enabled Americans to explore the outer realms of space, create methods to control environmental pollution and develop powerful new medicines.

People With Disabilities Help Troops Stay Prepared

Turn on the news and you’ll hear the valiant stories of troops in the U.S. military. And helping to support the troops are many other courageous patriots, in particular the people with severe disabilities who help keep servicemen and women equipped with the supplies they need.

A Military Tribute

It is truly beyond my abilities to express my gratitude and give my thanks to the military for their service to the world as they fight for our freedom. It is my hope that the following tribute will in part do that.

We are at war! While we enjoy our comfortable homes, food on the table and clean water to drink, thousands of brave men and women of the armed forces are defending our homeland in constant danger, lack of sleep, cold, wet, filth, dust, trenches, hunger and lon…

Fast Food: No Legal Recourse

Do you eat fast food? You must. According to the House of Representatives, the fast food industry is a significant part of our national economy. It did not become that way be having few customers. Many independent researches have found that fast food is unhealthy and causes weight gain. This research suggests there is something “faulty” with fast food. Our nation is becoming more obese by the day and many obese people are attributing their weight gain to fast food consumption…

Air Force Medical Team Performs Goodwill Mission In Thailand

Mainstream media likes to only report the negative military news. Here is a story that shows some of the good things that the military does on a regular basis. The Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines perform these types of missions throughout the year and most of these stories go unreported.

Slush Funds

According to David McClintick (“Swordfish: A True Story of Ambition, Savagery, and Betrayal”), in the late 1980’s, the FBI and DEA set up dummy corporations to deal in drugs. They funneled into these corporate fronts money from drug-related asset seizures.

Ethically Sourced Flowers

Flowers epitomise emotion and can have a very beneficial impact on people. Wouldn’t it be even better if people were able to confidently buy sustainable, ethically-sourced flowers to communicate their feelings? This article highlights the importance of buying ethically sourced flowers, while detailing the European initiative, Fair Flowers Fair Plants.

Corporate Crime

Want to reduce corporate crime? Stop punitively fining large corporations! There is a better way.

Steps to Selecting a Course of Study at College at any Age

Choosing a major at a college is a tough decision to take for any student, young or older. Colleges offer so many subjects that it becomes hard to decide when comes to selection. Among all these subjects, the latest hype is at the business studies. Choosing business as a major can prove fruitful. But here are some other things to consider.

Steps to the Common Business Practices of Brazil

If you want to start an international business, it is prudent to be global in the true sense of the word. Though it is correct that if you have a novel idea you can succeed anywhere in the world, as business practices in Brazil are different, you may have to adapt to their business sensibilities. Here’s how.

Steps to Know what is Grabbing the Eyes of Consumers in the News

The most commonly watched channel is the news channel (CNN, FoxNews), as it contains useful information that increases our knowledge and makes us familiar with what is going on in the world. Spicy details and juicy gossip are what develops a person’s interest are seen in almost every television channel. Today every news channel is trying to increase its rating by showing various programs, but manage to keep the interest of a person watching them.

Steps to Management Success – Step 61: Be a Savvy News Consumer


Be a Savvy News Consumer

It’s easy to become so focused on your business that everything else seems irrelevant, but businesses function in the real world—and so should you! Keeping yourself well informed on current events can broaden your perspective.

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