Business Etiquette

Business Customs Practiced in China versus the US

Educating yourself on local and national customs, especially acceptable business etiquette for your host country can make the difference in the success or failure of your business dealings abroad. For example, many business customs in China differ from the US in terms of appropriate greetings, socializing, the acceptance of gifts, and general business behavior. The following…

Business Custom Practices in Germany that Differ from the US

In many cases, European customs are very similar to US customs, and therefore it may be easier for a US business person to make errors in etiquette or think that there is no need to educate themselves on local business customs. However, there are many customs and business practices which are different and should be observed to prevent offending business colleagues and associates.

The Indian Community in Japan – Know The Customs

There are many Indians living in Japan for different reasons – some are doing business, some are working, yet others are studying in this country. Most of these people often feel disoriented and homesick and are hungry to know and fraternize with people from the same communities they are from. If you are planning to live in Japan, or you are already living there and are missing your country – check out the local Indian communities both online and offline for comfort and advice. Let allindiajapa

Steps to the Common Business Practices of Brazil

If you want to start an international business, it is prudent to be global in the true sense of the word. Though it is correct that if you have a novel idea you can succeed anywhere in the world, as business practices in Brazil are different, you may have to adapt to their business sensibilities. Here’s how.

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