10 Steps to Economic and Educational Success: Facing Reality versus the Fairness Myth

Here’s what the country faces: The confusion of do gooding and fairness with achievement and success. What ails the US economy and its education system is the constant desire to rationalize the idea of equal outcome. By the nature of being human, you will always have a pecking order. Some will succeed more than others. […]

Steps to determining the best way to maximize a college degree

The recent economic downturn has many wondering how to maximize the value of a college degree. If you wonder how can it help you in the future, the read on.

The TOP 50 WAYS to Survive College for the First-Time-Off-To-College Kid

A Tongue-in-Cheek checklist for surviving the first year of college!

Steps to Selecting a Course of Study at College at any Age

Choosing a major at a college is a tough decision to take for any student, young or older. Colleges offer so many subjects that it becomes hard to decide when comes to selection. Among all these subjects, the latest hype is at the business studies. Choosing business as a major can prove fruitful. But here are some other things to consider.

Roger Due

Investing in Your Destiny® & Coaching Program - Wealth Building Summit Dallas, Texas

My name is Roger Due and I am from Albuquerque, New Mexico and I am the owner of the Monsano software company. This has been an absolutely fantastic conference. This is the best I have ever been to.