27 Steps to a Money Magnet Business

Written By admin Published August 11th, 2009

A classic – Gary Spirer on stage for three days with Jay Abraham reveals the secret steps top entrepreneurs take to start up, build, and raise capital for multi-million dollar companies!

Gary reveals the insider secrets so you can turn your business into a high-profit money machine that attracts investors. Harness the power of the Internet to create multiple streams of income.

Gary has edited and updated this timeless seminar with Jay Abraham. You will learn the principles and patterns that top entrepreneurs use over and over to turn their ideas into profitable businesses, even amidst the recent crisis. Gary shows you the secrets of accelerated wealth creation and the steps to quickly implement them to earn multiples on your money.

These 27 steps are full of proven strategies and techniques to succeed in your business and life. If you’re interested in turning your business into a high-profit money machine that attracts investors, listen as Gary shows you how. Your results will be staggering!

When you decide to start or build a business, you often do not have the knowledge you need to turn a profit. 55% of businesses fail in the first 4 years! But you aren’t to blame unless you are resistant to being open and taking advise from those who have the experience and success in what you want to accomplish. You want to learn from what Gary relates to Jay about the established methods used by the top entrepreneurs to start, build, manage, or turn around any business.

You don’t have to struggle alone anymore. If you feel overwhelmed or stuck, Gary’s explanation as to how top entrepreneurs and investors specifically think and act will help you move the odds in your favor when it comes to building a very sound and valuable business. Now more than ever, you can earn more in less time and with less money!

Imagine having your own business that works for you every day, all day, even while you sleep! Today’s savvy entrepreneurs are hurdling over their competition by combining ways to make money online and offline. Learn how smart entrepreneurs are using multi-channel marketing to reach and dominate their market niche

27 Steps gives you the insider’s wealth building tools to succeed in any market:

  • * How to implement the strategies and tactics that the top 1% of entrepreneurs and investors use
  • * Ways to set up strategic alliances to gain needed resources and capital
  • * How to increase traffic, leads and conversions by knowing how to define and communicate your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – what makes you different
  • * How to find where the fish – your ideal customers – are biting, and how to attract them to buy from you rather than your competitors
  • * How to attract and keep the right people to build your company
  • * Discover how to sell high value premium products to build a highly profitable business
  • * Learn how to focus on front-end – your initial sales – to build a profitable business on the back-end
  • * What investors and investment bankers are really thinking about and looking for when you approach them for money
  • * Master the art of crafting your investor proposal so investors will eagerly want to invest in your company

 Get Proven Results

With over 25 years advising small entrepreneurial business owners to billionaire investors, these proven ideas are basic, no-nonsense and easy to apply.

  • * Learn how to leverage your talents and resources into a piece of the action
  • * What to do and what not to do to attract investors
  • * How to make sure devil investors cannot trick you out of controlling your own business
  • * Learn how to structure your business so you are not starved to death by investors’ rules and regulations
  • * Master the art of negotiations so you are not taken advantage of
  • * How to network the right way to get the resources and capital you need
  • * Use Gary’s Magical ‘P’s formula to assess any business deal in 3 minutes or less
  • * Learn the specific traits to look for when building your team
  • * Learn the specific success traits of the top entrepreneurs and investors and how to apply them to build and grow your business and to significant wealth

This dialogue between Jay and Gary is exactly what you need to take your idea and quickly turn it into a money machine by simply following the specific steps that top entrepreneurs are using right now to build assets and lasting wealth.

Take action right now to start up or build your company to the next level and become a self-made multi-millionaire!

Roger Due

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My name is Roger Due and I am from Albuquerque, New Mexico and I am the owner of the Monsano software company. This has been an absolutely fantastic conference. This is the best I have ever been to.