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Written By admin Published August 11th, 2009

Talent is very overrated when it comes to wealth creation. You will be shocked to find out that most of the high peak performers and mega millionaires needed much more than talent to succeed.

What you LEARN is more important than talent, here’s why.

People are not born with the Midas touch. If you believe creating wealth is a matter of luck, hard work, age, intelligence, or having money to start, it’s not. You will discover that wealth creation and wealth building are a Learned Art.

The biggest problem with creating wealth is people listen to the wrong advise. They often listen to brokers, financial planners and other advisers who have a vested interest in getting you to buy products for which they get paid based upon your purchase. Many brokers and financial planners are purely sales people who have little knowledge of finances and investment. Even if they have knowledge they rarely have made money following their own advice. Their main source of income is selling financial products and advice, not financial results.

The best way to learn is to learn from the best.  A number of recent studies have shown that high peak performers and mega millionaires and billionaires were mentored by highly experienced teachers and coaches. Who you learn from and what you learn can make a significant difference in how much money you will earn and how much wealth you will create. Most people listen to conventional wisdom which is often a blue print for average performers at best.

The Greatest Wealth Builders – the top 1% do not follow conventional wisdom. If they thought and acted like everyone else they would not be in the top 1%. The question becomes: What do the top 1% see that the other 99% do not see when it comes to wealth creation? The answer lies in asking them.

Most interviews ask the top 1% how they achieved their success. But to really learn from the best you need to know the actual thoughts and steps they took. The steps they took are more specific and explain clearly how they made the distinctions which made all the difference in their becoming successful and wealthy.

For the last 25 years I have practiced what I preach. I started with $15,000 of borrowed money in my 20s and built companies which have generated millions of dollars of income and wealth. As an investment banker I viewed thousands of business plans and business models. In real estate I syndicated, invested and developed over $500 million of real estate. In this process I learned how to assess risks and rewards. I am considered an expert in the areas of Investment Banking, Real Estate, starting up, building companies and raising capital. I have had my share of mistakes and relate to your own frustrations in attempting to start up companies and build wealth. I learned early on that clearly I did not have all the answers. I studied the Greatest Wealth Builders. I discovered that the fastest way to build wealth was to listen to what the top wealth builders advised about wealth creation. I learned to seek out experienced advisers who had been where I wanted to go. I learned to ask better questions and learn the specific ways and steps that lead to wealth.

You can sit back and listen to the wrong advice or you can make a real effort to find out who the best advisers and teachers are. Good advice normally needs to be earned. The best advisers respond to those that seek them out. If you want to be truly wealthy you have to find out who the best are and find a way to access their teachings.

To truly be wealthy you must seek out and learn from the very best.

Often, the hardest part of building a business and creating wealth is to find the right people who can show you the path to success. As you are well aware, successful people are very busy and often look to associate with other successful people. Success attracts success.

The Power Interviews gives you access to the leading experts and entrepreneurs of our time. You will learn from these top money makers and wealth builders the following:

  • Learn why most advice you receive is wrong and why
  • Understand how to evaluate the people surrounding you and how they define the upper limit of your success
  • Learn what specific questions to ask your advisers to know whether they are really on your side
  • Learn how to take control of your financial destiny by learning key financial concepts and terms
  • Find out what the elements of a sound business model are and how to build one yourself
  • Master the Art of Leverage and learn how to exchange the skills and knowledge for ownership in businesses
  • Find out how to find the true experts in your field and how to access their knowledge
  • Learn how front line experts turn ideas into real assets
  • Learn how top investors evaluate opportunities
  • Learn the 7 critical steps to start up any business
  • Find out how to protect your downside risk and still get high returns on your investment
  • Learn why top money makers never follow conventional wisdom
  • Learn how top wealth builders deal with conflicts of interest which can often destroy companies and investors
  • Find out what you must do to attract and get the best advisors and experts to work with you

It takes many years to build a network of top experts who are open to share their money-making and success secrets with others in an intimate interview setting.

For these experts to share their experience and wisdom is a testament to their desire to help those that want to help themselves.

You will find few places where top performers will share their life experiences and the specific steps of how they got to the top.

There is no way you can put a true value on the specific advice you will get from the Power Interviews. How much would you be willing to pay for the keys to making a fortune?

Just one insight or one mention of an opportunity can lead you to an opportunity which can change your life dramatically for the better. Any one of these experts charges thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars per day for their counsel.

In addition, they often want equity in your company for sharing their expertise. I came to the conclusion that the experts we are interviewing are motivated to help others negotiate the landmines of business so that others do not have to go through the struggles that they had to face to succeed. To reach the largest audience possible I decided to price the Power Interview series at a ridiculously low price of $47/per month.

Listening to just one interview can save you years of heartache, and thousands if not millions of dollars from following the wrong advice or taking the wrong path. Listening to one interview can put you instantly on the right path to making multiple streams of income and creating true wealth. So you can spend $49/month on the Power Interviews, or spend months, years or even a lifetime trying to figure out how to do this yourself. If you act immediately I am going to offer you free interviews that I did with leading experts on how I evaluate companies and raise capital.

There are two bonus interviews. The first free bonus is with Keith Matthew on my approach to evaluating ideas vs. opportunities. The second you will receive is a phenomenal interview that I had with Srini Saripalli on building a sound business model and how to leverage the Internet into wealth.

Order now the Power Interview Series and receive two bonus interviews with your purchase that will dramatically change the way you approach money making and wealth building.

You will receive each month an interview with an expert such as Rick Frishman, who will give you the steps to become an author and publicize your writings in numerous channels to achieve attention and position yourself as a top expert in your field.

You will learn the steps to shoot top videos from the top 5 infomercial director in the world whose products have sold over $3 billion dollars.

Each month we will interview an expert in the areas of investment and building your company. From Rick Frishman you will learn about writing, information products and publicity. From our infomercial director you will learn the steps to shooting videos that achieve maximum attention on You Tube, TV and other areas where video marketing can maximize your positioning, your products, your company and yourself.

There is no other way that I know how, to impart expert advice at this price. For the first 100 people that act now, you will receive three additional bonus interviews that I will have with leading experts on how to build a presence on the Internet and generate significant traffic and high conversion.

You get all this for $47/month plus my 100% money back guarantee for 30 days and keep all the bonuses if you are not completely satisfied.

Monthly interviews with top investors, professionals, experts and entrepreneurs.

Bonus 1: Interview of Gary Spirer by Self Development expert Keith Matthew on How to Find opportunities and how to distinguish between your ideas and true business opportunities.

Bonus 2: Interview of Gary Spirer by Srini Saripalli on how to build a business using the Internet.

Remember you get to keep these bonuses and you have a 30 Day guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the Power Interview Series.  Order now and be one of the first 100 purchasers of the Power Interview Series and receive two more bonuses that will help you immediately to make money and build your wealth. That’s 2 Free Bonuses for the first 100 purchasers of the Power Interview Series.






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