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Written By cbotterill Published September 15th, 2010

Block out “Marketing Fluff” and “Bad Advice” and Discover a Proven System used by True Wealth Builders that will help you Gain Confidence in your Ideas, Reveal Strategies that will Increase Product Exposure and to do it with a Real Sense of Purpose in Every Minute you Spend on your Business!

Since the beginning of time man has been drawn to the idea of creating a better life for themselves and their families. Many people have succeeded in this, but over the last 100 years or so there has been an alarming and disturbing trend taking place in our modern world.

With hundreds of so-called “wealth builders” telling others how to succeed in creating riches and prosperity, a convoluted maze of misinformation has taken over because most wealth builders have forgotten how to create true wealth on their own. Sadly, they have had to resort to creating wealth by selling their “marketing-fluff” to the very people looking up to them for sound, useful advice.

In a world where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to know who to trust, most people end up gambling by taking the advice from one or two so-called “experts” that claim to have found a “secret” that they will share with you for a price. Some people spend years of their life buying in to the propaganda and empty words that ultimately lead to nowhere. In many cases this information sends most people backwards.

But it’s no secret that hard work and a desire to succeed are really the only two major attributes you need to harness success. The real question then becomes “how many times will you fail before you succeed?”

  1. Failure only exists when you give up.
  2. And most people give up only because of mistakes they have made.
  3. Most mistakes are made based on poor advice which comes from inexperience.

So the dilemma that most people face is “how to come up with and idea or market a product or service without making a ton of mistakes based on inexperience and bad advice?

The answer to this problem is obvious yet rarely utilized. To avoid costly errors you must stop focusing on the tiny “parts” of the bigger picture. You must center your attention on the entire process, and organize and prioritize what comes first, second, third, and so on.

You must follow a complete (and proven) stepbystep approach that will prevent silly mistakes and keep you on course. This step-by-step process needs to be complete, and it should be as simple and straight forward to follow as possible.

Are there really proven steps to success?

Whether you have an idea or an existing product, you may be struggling to take the next step. It could be a challenge in raising capital, or it could be a problem of confidence. Either way, if you do not have a systematic approach to dealing with these obstacles, you may find yourself in the same position that thousands of others have where you become paralyzed by indecision.

I have spent a great deal of time in my life making mistakes. I have listened to what I believed were experts and I have followed their advice only to discover the many flaws in their teachings. Fortunately I was lucky enough to make a couple smart decisions early on in my life that helped me reveal and refine a step-by-step process to achieving wild success in selling my products and ideas.

I believe that decisions should be made in a controlled and logical manner. There are patterns and clues found everywhere around us that can help us formulate a selling strategy that people will buy into. The key is not having a grand idea or special product that people would consider to be better than another product, the key is being able to evaluate how the world around you will best respond to your idea or product as you roll it out.

What it really takes to build and sell your idea

You’ve probably heard this before, but timing is everything. And while this is partially true, most people don’t realize that two identical products can be given a different image to fit the times, with one succeeding and the other failing.

Another thing that people don’t realize is that patterns exist all around us that are giving us clues to what sort of products and ideas will be in demand today, in the near future and decades from now.

It is my expertise and my goal to teach you how to read these patterns and exploit the opportunities that are present. But unlike other so-called “wealth builders”, my aim is to teach you every step of the process of successfully bringing your ideas to life selling them to investors and consumers alike.

Over the past 30 years of building my own wealth I have documented, taken notes, and explained to hundreds of people how I have achieved success. I have helped hundreds of people achieve their dreams by “eliminating the smoke-screen of misinformation” and giving them simple, straightforward steps they can follow without all the marketing fluff and untested marketing strategies.

Speed to Your Wealth!

The most important element in successfully developing and designing an idea or selling it, is to first understand the big picture. It’s not enough to specialize in one specific strategy in the process of turning an idea into a business. Having a strong grasp of each and every step allows a person to re-focus and re-double their efforts on the steps and strategies that will matter most.

So I’ve designed a system that not only helps to understand the big picture and each individual step along the way, I’ve stayed away from inserting all the marketing fluff you see in so many other “wealth building systems”. Here are some of the topics I explain and how each strategy fits together in the big picture:

  • How to distinguish between a mere good idea and a real opportunity from which you can build wealth.
  • The right steps to starting and ramping up your business that will help you avoid costly mistakes and errors that kill most businesses.
  • 7 Critical Questions that every Great Wealth Builder must ask in evaluating business ideas.
  • Non-traditional ways to raise capital using the Internet and strategic joint venture partners.
  • How to use the concept of “free” to build any successful business.
  • How to calculate and reveal the key number which indicates whether your business is growing and whether or not the profit margins are increasing with growth.
  • The Winning Formula to attracting tons of traffic and investors whether you have an online or offline business.

The above are just a few of the subjects you will learn about in great detail in the Speed to Your Wealth program.

What else is included in Speed to Your Wealth?

One of the greatest assets an entrepreneur can ever have is confidence in every decision they make, and every action they take.

While tens of thousands of people look for the “magic bullet” to easily becoming accomplished in business, the Speed to Your Wealth program is based on reality and is designed to help you harness your strengths and patch up your weaknesses so you can become as accomplished in business as quickly as possible.

From the moment you have an idea to marketing your finished product; you will learn the value of each step and what strengths you have to maximize success. You will learn how to refocus your time and efforts into steps that will count most to your success.

  • You will learn how to read patterns in the local, global and emerging economy and how to execute your ideas to their full potential.
  • You will discover new strategies that help you gauge when you are moving too fast or out of control, and how to refocus.
  • You will finally be able to move forward with new ideas with the confidence you need to set realistic goals and see it through to the end.
  • You will find refreshing new techniques that can help your existing business grow again without incurring a bunch of additional and useless costs
  • You will have a step by step system developed by a real wealth builder that takes you through all the steps, not just one specific one.

The Speed to Your Wealth program has taken over 30 years to develop and has been proven to work in each and every scenario an entrepreneur may find themselves in. From inventors to sales people to investors to first timers the Speed to Your Wealth program is the cornerstone to successfully building wealth with a controlled, step by step process.

Get started quickly and move fast!

If you are like most entrepreneurs and visionaries you surely recognize the value of being able to act upon your ambitions when you are most inspired. So I’ve made sure that the Speed to Your Wealth program can be obtained immediately when you need it most!

We’ve taken our Speed to Your Wealth program that normally is rolled out over an 8 month period and put it together for those of you that can’t wait and want all the information and steps immediately. And the best part is we are now giving away our popular program for a fraction (of a fraction) of the regular price we have sold it at for years!

We are so confident in our system that we think that by the time you get through the first few steps of the Speed to Your Wealth program you will already be well on your way to rolling out successful ideas and products. We are confident that our teachings will result in an interest in our other products and strategies that might relate more specifically to your idea or business model.

So, if you’re tired of spending your hard earned money on marketing fluff, and you’ve become frustrated with the feeling that you are always on the outside looking in, this is your chance to make a real difference in your life and in the people’s lives around you.

SPECIAL OFFER: As a subscriber to the Speed to Your Wealth E-course you do not have to wait, or pay for 8 months for the Speed to Your Wealth program. We are not limiting strategies to a monthly basis at our regular price of $100 per month.

In fact, we aren’t going to ask you to enter into any type of month to month payment arrangement at all!

Instead, we are packaging up the entire 8 months of the program (valued at over $800.00!) and offering it to you for the onetime investment of only $97.00. That’s the entire Speed to Your Wealth program for $700.00 less than what you would pay in to receive it over an 8 month period – and you can have this all in the next 5 minutes!

There’s no risk and no gimmicks…

I am so confident in my Speed to Your Wealth program and its ability to get you on the right track that I am going to back up each and every purchase for 60 days. You have 60 full days to try, implement and dissect the strategies and system I have used to become wealthy myself.

If you are in any way unsatisfied, unmotivated or you decide that you would rather go back to work for “the man” then the only thing you need to do is send me an email, call me, or send me a letter and I will give you a 100% refund, no questions asked.

I am taking all the risk. The only thing you need to do is pursue the reward!

So act now and get started on the road to success in the next five minutes by clicking the order button below. You will instantly receive a receipt and instructions on how get started after you have securely completed your purchase.

Unleash Your Potential – Live The Life You Really Want To Live!

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    Very good and will surly get the product in a month or so

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