Speed to Your Wealth Action Plan

Written By mmitch Published February 2nd, 2010

Based upon 27 years of experience and research of reviewing 1000s of companies, the Speed to Your Wealth Action Plan expands upon each of the 8 modules in the Speed to Your Wealth program. A fill in the blanks, paint-by-the numbers approach that my Capital Hill Group clients are normally charged up to $25,000 for + ownership in their company.

This 4 step, 4 page executive summary – The exact format and steps I’ve used to raise $60 million from individuals and small funds with a 100% success (clients always got the money they sought) – examines and reveals the mindset of insiders and the steps they use to achieve the winning formula that underlies all wealth-building.

The Speed to Your Wealth program is the foundation to discovering how to create a profitable Money Magnet Business. It will give you the basics to understanding how wealth is created by the top 1% of entrepreneurs and investors.

But, I just want to step back and really speak to you from the heart and say to you that this has taken me many years to put together. This is not simple. I know a lot of people out there always question themselves “can I do this? Is this for me?”

It took me many years to go through the experiences, the trial and error; we all have our ups and downs.

And what I have put together in the action plan is really an expansion of the Speed to Your Wealth program. And that program has fundamental models that you need to know – the basics.

The action plan expands on each of the eight modules that you get, the introduction, the seven steps that are part of my 7 Steps to Wealth formula.

And in the action plan it’s really cool because it goes beyond just “do this, do that”. It really has a lot more in it. It goes into your personal goals, the spiritual part of you, the emotional part; those parts of you that affect your financial area.

When I created this years ago I broke everything into six areas of life: the mental, the emotional, the physical, the spiritual, the financial and what I call the social/political. I really went through 1000s of works through all areas of life to hone in on what you need to do to succeed in the financial area.

This is really a blueprint to wealth. When you fill this out and go through it, it goes into your psychological net worth, how do you really think psychologically, what are the thought patterns that you should be incorporating which I touch upon in the Speed to Your Wealth beginning program.

Roger Due

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