Written By Christophe Published January 4th, 2012

Speed to Your Wealth

How to start up and grow your own money magnet business

“Speed to Your Wealth” will show you Insider Secrets: The Winning Formula – Outsider and unconventional ways the top entrepreneurs and investors build extraordinary businesses that are based upon core magnets and core values that draw customers and investors to them who eagerly want to spend and invest money with them. How they limit downside risk, buy bargains and find the something that catapults them to wealth.

“Speed to Your Wealth” will also reveal in easy to understand illustrations, graphs and charts the 7 Steps to Wealth System. You get 8 Modules, Bonus reports and videos…read more

Speed to Your Wealth Action Plan

How to start up and grow your own money magnet business

Based upon 27 years of experience and research of reviewing 1000s of companies, the Speed to Your Wealth Action Plan expands upon each of the 8 modules in the Speed to Your Wealth Program. A fill in the blanks, point-by-the-numbers approach that normally Gary Spirer’s investment banking firm, Capital Hill Group, clients are charged up to $25,000 and ownership in their company.

With this 4 step, 4 page executive summary – the exact format and steps Gary has used to raise $60 million from individuals and small funds with a 100% success – clients always got the money they sought.

The Action Plan examines and reveals the mindset of insiders and the steps they use to achieve the winning formula that underlies all wealth-building…read more

Investing in Your Destiny®

Your entire wealth building process

Investing In Your Destiny® reinvents business and investment

Spellbinding. Attendees to $3,000 conferences called it “pure gold” and “the Best Course I ever attended”.

Gary laid out for the first time in his “500 million dollar man – MRX” under-the-radar strategies and tactics.

In front of the audience, he told them his stock investment strategies using his proprietary money magnet business strategies. In November 2009 Gary sold out his stock portfolio of all blue chip stocks for 64% cash on cash return – never using any stock broker input… read more

27 Steps to a Money Magnet Business

Our clients have insisted that Gary keeps revealing the insider secrets of top entrepreneurs and investors on starting up and building winning businesses.

“27 Steps to a Money Magnet Business” reveals what it takes to be a true entrepreneur and successful investor.

It explains the winning formula that underlies all wealth Gary calls Entrepreneurial Leverage (the Entrepreneurial Mind + Leverage)…read more

Think Rich to Grow Rich System

An incredible in-depth look into the psychology behind why most investors and business owners fail so miserably.

Recently, Gary realized a 64% cash on cash return in the stock market from October 2008 to November 2009. Clearly, this is not typical. But, his course teaches you the same money mindset that Gary uses in his investments and believes you must have to deal with money in any area of your life.

This course reveals how your underlying associations with money sabotage your ability to build wealth. Gary shows you how to overcome these negative thought patterns and how to create a fortune building business.

They wanted Gary to keep revealing his secrets on success, being an entrepreneur and what elements the top investors want to see before they will invest…read more

Speed to Your Wealth Coaching Program

12 Part Course

Listen to Gary explain in depth how to apply his proprietary models to building online and offline businesses.

How to attract customers and investors.

A select group paid $4,000 per person to listen to Gary and have him answer specific questions on starting and building your business to the next level…read more

read more

Mentoring, Business Makeovers

Let hand-picked experts show you how to achieve your business and wealth creation goals using the Speed to Your Wealth proprietary 7 Steps to Wealth System…read more

Roger Due

Investing in Your Destiny® & Coaching Program - Wealth Building Summit Dallas, Texas

My name is Roger Due and I am from Albuquerque, New Mexico and I am the owner of the Monsano software company. This has been an absolutely fantastic conference. This is the best I have ever been to.