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Business Customs Practiced in China versus the US

Educating yourself on local and national customs, especially acceptable business etiquette for your host country can make the difference in the success or failure of your business dealings abroad. For example, many business customs in China differ from the US in terms of appropriate greetings, socializing, the acceptance of gifts, and general business behavior. The following…

Steps to registering your trademark in China

You have a trademark of your corporate logo in the United States and wish to expand your business to other countries, preferably China, to catch the global economic boom. But is your trademark in the United States a universal trademark? No, you will still need to apply for and receive an official registered trademark in the country you select (China) to do business and will use your logo, slogan, or graphic design. Keep in mind that the rules of trademarks in China are vastly different from other countries.

Steps to Save America from Becoming an Instant Gratification Economy

The biggest problem facing America today is political and financial instant gratification and manipulation. Politicians and financial institutions continue to lower standards and appeal to human greed and lust. The end result is a vastly weakened American political and economic foundation. The Good News for America: Historically, when Americans understand the true war at hand […]

Steps to Killing Entrepreneurship and America

The politicians have forgotten who they represent and are destroying America by the following steps:

  1. 1. Crackpot economics – No sound business would ever exist running up huge amounts of debt and deficits.

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