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10 Tips On How To Turn Ideas Into Execution – Part 2

Something will always arise that was not anticipated and that threatens to derail or delay the implementation process. There is no way for anyone to know every possible eventuality in advance.

Therefore, you must listen to feedback from all of your employees and customers when appropriate. Do not be insular and surround yourself by by yes-men who refuse to tell you the naked truth about the problems as they occur. Again – avoid the yes-men. Simple problems have a tendency…

10 Tips On How To Turn Ideas Into Execution – Part 1

Your company has a great idea. You also have a problem called the execution gap. It is a perceived gap between your company’s strategies and expectations and its ability to meet those goals and put ideas into action.

Roger Due

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My name is Roger Due and I am from Albuquerque, New Mexico and I am the owner of the Monsano software company. This has been an absolutely fantastic conference. This is the best I have ever been to.