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Steps to avoid invention company scams

Every year hundred of promising inventors are scammed out of their life savings according to Invention magazine because inventors do not look at the following list of precautions before spending their hard earned dollars on a dream. Take a look.

Get a Prototype of Your Invention

You have an idea that you would like to make into a saleable product. You have patented the invention idea and need to go to the next step in the inventor’s chain- prototyping. Some of the steps listed below explain how to get your invention a prototype.

How to get your Toy Invention Recognized by the Toy Industry

A toy inventor’s path to success today requires hard work, endless attention to detail, a little luck and above all, an appreciation of the unique toy market requirement that shape the toy industry. Fortunately, most of the toy companies welcome the ideas of external inventors and appreciate their toy creations and inventions. Toy companies avid annual capacity for new items or toys.

Finding a Trustworthy Patent and Invention Attorney for Recognizing your Invention

A patent attorney is a full attorney who specializes in patent law. He or she has all the authority to represent you in the court. Patent attorneys must have a degree in a technical discipline, such as mechanical or electrical engineering, chemistry, or pharmacology in addition to a law degree. Patent attorneys work as patent examiners for the Patent Office before going to private practice. Many law firms appoint patent attorneys to give it in writing the patent applications. But can you trust your attorney? The following are few steps on how to find a trustworthy patent and invention attorney for recognizing your invention:

Roger Due

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