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Leasing Is Often Better Than Buying

Leasing refers to an owner, or lessor, selling use of his property (equipment, automobile, home, or business) to a lessee. For many individuals, leasing is a good alternative to buying because leasing requires less equity and, therefore, more people have the qualifications to lease than to buy. For example, a $1 million piece of property may be too expensive for a business to purchase, so they lease it for $5,000 per month, which they are able to do with the profits they make…

Steps to determine whether it is better to rent or lease

Making the choice between renting and leasing simply takes forethought and self knowledge. The basis for renting or leasing is also an essential part of the final decision. Each of them stands because of some features making it different from the other. What else would one wish to look at when considering the option of renting versus leasing?

Steps to determine the best terms for leasing

Determining the best terms for leasing will save you from painful experiences and future financial troubles. Knowing the true costs that you will shoulder in the future based on the agreement is very necessary. Find out how to determine the best terms for leasing.

Choosing the Best Type of Lease for Your Business

When it comes to leasing equipment, understanding what it can do for your business is only part of the equation. Understanding and choosing the best lease for your business is another matter altogether.

Top Mistakes with Equipment Leasing

When negotiating on equipment leasing contracts, small business and corporate accounts should review all the legal terms in order to avoid the top mistakes associated with leasing equipment. These rules are applicable in multiple areas of equipment leasing from educational, computer and engineering equipment leases.

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