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What Is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity & What Can You Do To Prevent It?

A few years ago I learned about a great resource, The Chemical Injury Information Network, which puts out a monthly newsletter called Our Toxic Times, from an incredible doctor, now retired, who successfully treated thousands of people, many of whom were suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS).

Step 1: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is a chronic illness whereby an individual is sensitive to extraordinarily low levels of chemicals. Symptoms of MCS are often non-specific and multiple organs are often affected which is why it can be so difficult for someone to realize that they are suffering from it.

Steps to Learning About Lyme Disease: MAY IS LYME DISEASE AWARENESS MONTH!

12 Steps to Learning About Lyme Disease

Step 1. Your chances of getting Lyme disease are more than 10 times that of your getting West Nile Virus.

Step 2. Lyme Disease is the #1 infectious disease in the U.S., surpassing many times over AIDS and the West Nile Virus combined.

Knowing the Truth about Lyme Disease Could Save Your Life or Someone That You Know

People often think of Lyme Disease as being an “East Coast” ailment; something that is a nuisance for Hamptons-goers and avid trail hikers, but otherwise not a real cause for concern.

However, did you know that ticks known to carry Lyme disease have been identified in all 50 states and worldwide and can have serious or even fatal effects?

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