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Steps to protect your intellectual property

Intellectual property is a business term that refers to the ownership and or collection of ideas and concepts which have commercial value. It is important for a company to safeguard its intellectual property as it determines the firm’s comeptitive edge. There are several methods…

How to Get your Board Game Invention Recognized by the Board Game Industry

A board game is a game that is played across a decorated set by two or more players. The board (set) may have markings and selected spaces, and the board game may have tokens, stones, dice, cards, or other pieces that are used in a specific way throughout the game. If you have invented any board game and want your board game invention to be recognized by the Toy Industry Association industry, you should always do the following.

Steps to Patent an Invention

A patent is an exclusive right to the inventor’s property and it excludes others from manufacturing, reproducing, and selling your invention for a set period of time. The following are few steps on how to patent an invention.

Finding a Trustworthy Patent and Invention Attorney for Recognizing your Invention

A patent attorney is a full attorney who specializes in patent law. He or she has all the authority to represent you in the court. Patent attorneys must have a degree in a technical discipline, such as mechanical or electrical engineering, chemistry, or pharmacology in addition to a law degree. Patent attorneys work as patent examiners for the Patent Office before going to private practice. Many law firms appoint patent attorneys to give it in writing the patent applications. But can you trust your attorney? The following are few steps on how to find a trustworthy patent and invention attorney for recognizing your invention:

How to Design an Invention Prototype

Designing your own invention is quite challenging as well as rewarding experience. A good invention should be well designed and appeal to a wide audience before you can realize any profit from your creation. A good design idea will definitely help you to set your invention apart from other competitors and you can continue with the patent application process. Following are simple tips on how to design an invention prototype:

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