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The Debt Countdown Is Not For Real, But The Crisis Is

Here’s why…

1. Three years ago, I said we should take our medicine and face reality – we are living way beyond our means and continue to do so.

2. The stimulus as I predicted did not work because government borrowing and investment does not have a real solid multiplier effect.

3. Government spending as a percentage of GNP has averaged 20%, but we are spending 25%.

4. Taxing the rich does not work. Statistics show over time tax revenues will adjust to a certain level and not increase where there are tax disincentives.

Steps To Stimulate A Recovery And Employment: The Law Of Opposites

As I wrote in 2008 on the financial crash, I was in the small minority that would have let the marketing crash.

Now, you may be wondering what I meant then and mean now:

The market has been artificially propped up for years with overborrowing by the government, low interest…

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