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While Obama Woos Democrats On Tax Deal, Small Business Entrepreneurs Still In The Cold

Beware: Do not rejoice so quickly. Obama has little choice in making a political gesture to the center to save his Presidency.

The Problem Remains:

The problem for entrepreneurs, small businesses and the country is that they need private equity to get off the ground and create the needed jobs. Two thirds of job creation comes from small businesses.

The Money Never Sleeps: Wall Street Monopoly

True financial success is where money never sleeps but works for you 24/7/365 year in and year out.

Fortunes are made when money compounds. For example, many people offered 1 million dollars today or the sum of a penny doubling every day for just 30 days would take the million dollars and run. Right move?…

Steps To Stimulate A Recovery And Employment: The Law Of Opposites

As I wrote in 2008 on the financial crash, I was in the small minority that would have let the marketing crash.

Now, you may be wondering what I meant then and mean now:

The market has been artificially propped up for years with overborrowing by the government, low interest…

Roger Due

Investing in Your Destiny® & Coaching Program - Wealth Building Summit Dallas, Texas

My name is Roger Due and I am from Albuquerque, New Mexico and I am the owner of the Monsano software company. This has been an absolutely fantastic conference. This is the best I have ever been to.