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Written By admin Published September 15th, 2009

There are 7 Secret Steps Entrepreneurs Use To Build Multi-Million Dollar Ideas and Businesses

The First Secret Step:

THE IDEA which normally addresses the entrepreneur’s Vision/Concept/Proposition or Proposal.

To build a multi-million dollar idea or company you need the great idea and a talented team. There is a debate whether initially it is more important to have a great idea or a talented team. In reality, you need both.

The Evaluate Your Idea Tool enables you to evaluate your idea and gives you an explanation to each of your answers and gives you a total score which ranks how strong the potential of your idea is.

Below are 15 questions to answer and layout quickly your steps as an entrepreneur to create and launch any idea and/or business.

Select the best answer. Each answer you choose has an explanation on the following page. At the end, to see your results, click on submit.

1) My idea is:

A: nice to know.

B: something people MUST know about.

2) My idea is:

A: A true “tipping point” idea that will change history.

B: A simple – yet fun and/or potentially useful idea.

3) The eventual scope of my idea is:

A: Individual – it only affects me and a few friends.

B: Local – people in my town need this.

C: Regional – people all over my area need this.

D: National – people all over the country need this.

E: Global – people all over the world need this.

4) I want to pursue this idea because:

A: It can change the world in a positive way.

B: It just seems like something to do.

C: I think it will be really fun.

5) My idea is:

A: Just something I might want to try.

B: Good enough to test.

C: Something I think would be pretty cool, but not something I am willing to make too many sacrifices for.

D: So compelling NOTHING will stop me from making this idea a reality.

6) My idea will change other people’s lives:

A: Not at all – it is just sorta interesting.

B: Incrementally – it just makes things quicker, easier, or more fun.

C: Dramatically – once they use it they will never want to go back to the old way.

7) I can sum up my idea:

A: It is too big to just sum up.

B: In a few minutes.

C: In one sentence: “There must be a better way to _______”

8) Finding my initial market:

A: Is practically impossible, I don’t have a clue how to find the people to sell this to.

B: I have an idea where to find people who would be interested in it.

C: Is easy, I already have people lined up to buy it, I just need to get it done.

D: Market? What’s a Market?

9) The competition for this idea is:

A: Already entrenched, but slow, I can beat them.

B: Formidable, so I’m scared to even try.

C: Mediocre, there is some, but we have a strategy to beat them.

D: Non-existent because this idea is so revolutionary.

10) The market niche for this idea is:

A: Hard to describe.

B: Something I know we can dominate quickly.

11) An investor would want to put money behind this because:

A: They can make a ton of more money with it.

B: They can feel good about making a huge positive difference in the world.

C: I’m a nice person and they like me.

12) My idea is:

A: Too complicated to be sketched quickly on a napkin.

B: Easily pictured and grasped.

13) To design and produce the prototype for my product or service:

A: Would take a long time as all the components need to be invented.

B: Wouldn’t take too long as many of the components are already in existence.

C: Can be done quickly with off-the-shelf components.

14) My customers will find my product:

A: By simply stumbling upon it.

B: Because their cool friends will tell them about it.

C: Because they will see our advertising for it everywhere.

D: If they are lucky and blessed to be one of the chosen ones.

15) My product can be bought through:

A: ebay

B: my website

C: affiliate web sites

D: distributors

E: retail stores

F: all of the above

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