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Written By admin Published September 14th, 2009

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PageMass saves SMBs and Fortune 1000 companies money by providing excellent market research data and empowering them to make informed decisions.

With an exponential growth in total web users, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to maintain and develop a positive web presence, while tracking the presence of their competition.

Because of the organic, changing nature of the World Wide Web, it is becoming more difficult to quantify one’s influence throughout the web’s different areas. It is problematic for individual companies to account for changing web trends and to really understand how their company’s presence is affected by such change.

Since PageMass indexes and gathers up-to-the-minute data for millions of web sites, we are able to accurately interpret data and account for change and growth across the web. By coupling extensive data with an innovative analysis engine, PageMass delivers its clients a new breed of useful web market research data

Learn the Status of Your Website’s Presence on the Internet:

Steps To has partnered with PageMass to give you access to a new proprietary tool that can evaluate your website’s Real Website Age and Real Website Pulse by gathering and analyzing data from 100+ sources.

Like Real Business Age, you need to know your Real Website Age – the status of your website’s presence on the Internet today regardless of how new you are or how long you have been around. Also, you need to know your Real Website Pulse – the flow of traffic to your website, and if the pulse is getting stronger or weaker in comparison to your competitors.

You Must Know and Calculate the Following:

Real Website Age = What is your website’s health or critical mass versus the chronological age or time you have been in business?

Real Website Pulse = How strong is your web presence “pulse”? How good are you at increasing quality traffic to your website from each of the areas of influence?

PageMass reveals the spheres of influence that you must address to grow your web business, and how you are doing in comparison to your competitors.

This data is essential to understand if your website is growing or dying in the fast-paced changing arena that you are in online.

With PageMass, we’re Keeping Score!

For a limited time through a special agreement with Steps To, you can get your free Real Website Age and Real Website Pulse calculated by signing up below and becoming a beta user to take advantage of this cutting edge technology.

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