Steps for starting and growing a successful blog

Written By Gary Spirer Published February 10th, 2010

Do you want to start and grow a successful blog that attracts customers or people? Read on to find out what you need to do.

Step 1 * Find a meaning topic that many can relate to *

Find what you like to write about, but also think about topics that the masses would be interested in reading about. Think of TMZ and celebrity gossip. Many are very interested in the lives of celebrities and TMZ delivers such juicy gossip about their lives.

Step 2. * Passion for your writing and topic *

Be passionate about the topic, which you are writing. Remember that writing a blog requires great effort and constant writing and updates. If you are not passionate about the topic that you have selected to blog about, then you blog will seem like a chore and you will lose readership. In addition to having a topic that many can relate to, the passion of the writer for the topic is essential to keep readers interested and returning to the blog.

Step 3 * Develop interesting content *

Write great content to lure your readers to your blog. By consistently providing your readers with a unique and interesting perspective on your chosen topic, readers will not only come back for more, but also will tell other blog enthusiasts about your site. This will not only attract more readership, but also expand your blogsphere.

Step 4 * Promote your blog *

Promote your blog once you are satisfied with the topic and content. Even though you have completed your blog, you still need to constantly promote through search engine optimization or through marketing by other successful bloggers. You may also want to consider using Twitter or other instant promotion social media platforms to get the word out about your blog quickly.

You’re on your way! Remember be honest when writing your blog. People can easily determine what is a sales pitch or insincere emotions versus reality and people tend to favor honesty and integrity. Please visit for more great business advice.


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