Affiliate Programs: Extra Cash For The Website/Blog Owner!

Written By Gary Spirer Published March 25th, 2010

Affiliate programs are an online marketing/commission program that allow websites to host banners or links of products/services of other businesses. According to Kimberly Palmer of “U.S. News & World Report” (2009, May 19), Gia Lipa, who started a personal finance blog in 2006, is now earning $10,000 month through ads, links, and guest blogging.

How does it work? When a visitor visits a website; clicks on the banner/link to the product/service; and ultimately purchases the product/service, the business will pay the website owner a flat fee or percentage of the profits.

So, are you interested in making some extra money with affiliate programs? Here are a few ways to develop an effective affiliate program.

Step 1.
*Develop the Money-Making website/blog site that will host your affiliate programs*
Since you will spend much time on the website, you would want to develop a website or blog site that is of interest to you.
If you have no real interest in anything, you can start by researching what market is currently profitable. For example, recently there has been a surge of weight-loss websites and ads directed towards the increase of overweight people in America.
Step 2.
*Develop content that will catch the internet surfer*
Content is important for your website. If you want to host weight-loss affiliate programs, you would want your site to attract the potential customers. Develop content that will attract your potential customers. Think about what your customers/audience would want to read about on your website; and write about it. According to Kimberly Palmer of “U.S. News & World Report” (2009, May 19), learning how to monetize the content is just as essential to turning a hobby into a moneymaking operation.
Step 3.
*Study! Study! Study! Find the best affiliate programs for your website*
Read about how much each affiliate provider will pay; how effective the products are; and the cost of the product. Ask yourself if you would purchase the products. Note that some affiliate programs specialize in certain markets. Below are some popular affiliate programs:
•’s Associates program
• Commission Junction
• LinkShare
• Dynamic Trade
Step 4.
*Choose the BEST affiliate programs for your site*
Choose a few affiliate programs for your website. However, you do not want to overdo it by hosting many banners/links of affiliate programs on your site. Remember that content is always important. Your content will bring traffic to your site.
Step 5.
*Network with others to bring mass-traffic to your site*
Network both online and “off-line,” to bring traffic to your website. Read our article on Networking to Expand your Customer Base and Connect with Other Professionals for more information. According to Kimberly Palmer of “U.S. News & World Report” (2009, May 19), joining a blog network; creating a great title; and gaining a strong following, are all ways to build traffic.

Overall, affiliate programs are the best way to go to make some extra cash. You don’t have to carry an inventory of products; and you don’t really have to sell anything. With good research, and a website with substantive content, you should be seeing some green.

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Palmer, K. (2009, May 19). How to Earn Money as a Professional Blogger. Retrieved March 5, 2010, from U.S. News & World Report:


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