Steps to generating devoted customers as a retail real estate owner

Written By Steps To Faculty Published June 22nd, 2010

While Twitter and Facebook have so far been the choice for many retail real estate owners and brokers to reach to landlords, tenants, and mainstream customers, realtors have discovered that their conversion success rate is limited. Consumers were either unresponsive after a first sale or never bothered to solicit any business. The efforts only converted about 1 out of every 20 clients into loyal customers. If you are a retail realtor or a layperson interested in learning how to become savvy about converting clients into long-term devotees, read on.

Step 1 Visit

You can advertise your local properties there while you customers are treated to contests, prizes, information, and videos about subject that pertain to their lives. Topics such as entertainment, arts and culture, and food are available. The site is the largest online portal of its kind to bring customers and landlords together with retail realtors. Customers can also leave feedback on what they think about the properties available, information which can be used to your advantage to improve your postings.

Step 2 Develop an app for iPhone

Many retail realtors have realized that to reach as many people as possible you need to advertise to the population. Apple’s iPhone reaches millions all over the world on a more active basis. With most social networks, customers have to actually login in and be active in the social media. On the other hand, a mobile phone can inform clients to existing deals. An application (app) can further be advantageous in that it engages the customer to make some choices. This information can be harnessed and used by you for later assessments.

Step 3 Provide clients with real time information

Although Twitter provides some success for retail landlords, many have altered the popular social network to be more invasive to potential buyers. By targeting specific groups retail landlords have increased their sales by 25% according to Shopstar.

Step 4 Sell

Offer a good deal when selling the property for the first time. Word-of-mouth advertising is still by far the most powerful marketing tool there is. If a client feels good about you, then they will spread the word to others.

Step 5 Customize

Many retail landlords customize their online programs and in center experience so that clients feel as though they are part of a larger real estate package, not just buying a gray building on a street. Unify your corporate culture on your site by talking about lifestyle and relate this to the experiences of your clients.

Remember, you need to be ahead of the game to stay alive.

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