Steps to preparing for the GSA on-site Contractor Assistance Review and Visit

Written By Steps To Faculty Published July 21st, 2010

Now that you secured a government contract and are a partner with the GSA awards schedule team, you need to prepare for the annual or bi-annual on-site contractor assistance review and visit from one of their agents (commonly called an Industrial Operations Analyst). This is a standard procedure for any business that has been granted a government contract. The federal government performs these reviews for government contractors to ensure that each firm adheres to all federal trade, safety, inspection, and financial guidelines at all times and can provide appropriate documentation to attest to this fact. Although these visits can be stressful for all members of your staff, you can prepare in advance to ease the burden of these reviews. Here’s how.

Step 1 Check the facts

Visit to get specific details about what to expect at your next visit. Since each review is dependent upon a particular industry, Follow up on the current year criteria that will be examined during a GSA contractor assistance visit.

Step 2 Get your records in order

Per federal law, two industrial operations analysts will visit your business site and the first action each will take is to review all of your records to ensure compliance with all regulations. Hence, the second step you need to take is to be sure that all of records are current, in order, and adhere to the specified guidelines on the web site. You should also include within your documentation the actual MAS contract and the final proposal revision.

Step 3 Know your responsibilities

The next order of business is to understand what your responsibilities are as a government contractor. Do you have sufficient staff to perform the duties outlined in the contract? Are you following the set rules highlighted? If not, you need to be sure that you know what your firm is accountable for. While the on-site visit is not a formal audit, your business will not succeed or be up for the five-year renewal unless you demonstrate that you can fulfill your duties as you promised.

Step 4 Prepare some more

Be sure that you modify all approved price lists and have a working sales tracking system. YOu sill also need to keep abreast of yur claim processing systems and guarantee that your company follows the Trade Agreements Act that you are required to comply to.

Step 5 Review your report card

The analysts will provide you with a report card (rc) that will tell you how well you are able to meet the terms and conditions of your contract. Carefully review the suggestions and make sure that you implement any changes suggested prior to the next on-site review. This will improve your grade and be beneficial for you to get a renewal when the time comes.

Remember, as a government copntractor you must be diligent and thorough. Please visit for more great business advice.

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