Steps to tools that offline local businesses can use online to get customers

Written By Steps To Faculty Published August 4th, 2010

Are you a business owner that has a brick and mortar business? Did you know that you can increase actual sales by 10% to 25% and gain a loyal customer following just by establishing an online presence. There are even special programs that can help get your product or service exposed to the masses for little or no money. Take a look.

Step 1 Be an affiliate

Affiliate programs are those referral fees that are usually paid to those people who recommend your product or services. This type of strategy is used by both retailers and various service companies for continuing their online and offline business. In this way if any of the non competitive company possess a same data about the same customer then they send a letter, e-mail or post card to those customers. If someone just gives you an order then you should receive the appropriate commission from the affiliate. Try

Step 2 Join a venture

Joint ventures is very good for the purpose that service companies and the retailers can enter in to the competing business by bringing their products and services and they can also make arrangements to endorse those products within their existing online database. For example dry cleaners can make a partnership with clothing stores and in this way they can provide an offer of cleaning to those who purchase clothes from there.

Step 3 Write an article

Informational articles should be placed by the retailers and the companies on their websites to tell the customers about ethical practices, industry standards and the pitfalls that must be avoided. Articles can be placed on sites such as, where you can place a video demonstration of your product.

Step 4 Conduct a survey

Normally small business owners think that they know a lot about their customers needs and wants, but if they conduct a survey for this purpose then can provide better result to them. Nowadays many of the web developers and hosts make such type of forms available to business owners, such as, to conduct survey or research.

Step 5 Offer a reward program

Nowadays customers are exposed to so many offers that may provide them information and discount offers that makes difficult to sort out anything best for them. Many of such rewards have monetary rewards or free samples of products or tickets to popular theme parks, restaurants, or concerts. You can create a special rewards program through or Yahoo Buzz that not only gives rewards to customers who buy your goods online, but offline as well. This will help to expose your firm and bring in new customers.

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