Steps to Use Email Marketing Without Being Accused of Spamming

Written By Steps To Faculty Published September 7th, 2010

If you are beginning to explore the world of online marketing, then you have probably heard about how effective email marketing can be. As a matter of fact, every time, you read about new online strategies, email marketing comes up as an essential point. This is because when used correctly, email marketing is one of the best ways to get the attention of your customer and potential customers. One problem that many email marketers face, however, is avoiding the problem of being accused of spamming. Spamming is sending junk mail. If you are a legitimate business, then you don’t want your messages to be junk mail. You want them to be bits of useful information. Here are some tips for avoiding the spamming trick.

Step 1 Let Your Customers Sign Up for Your Email Updates

If you are sending your customers valuable information about products and services, as well as coupons, then they are going to want your email. Let them sign up to receive your emails.

Step 2 Allow Your Customers to Be Taken Off the List

This is important. If you are sending emails that advertise your business, provide a simple way to let your customers decline to receive the emails. Let them write UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject when they respond to the email. This is a way to seem less forceful. After all, you don’t want to annoy people who spend their money on your products.

Step 3 Use Videos

This is a great way to get people interested in your emails. Instructive and entertaining videos can be what separate your emails from other emails, which are only full of text. This will also show that you are on the technological cutting edge.

Step 4 Don’t Send Messages when You Have Nothing to Say

It may be tempting to send messages just to let your customers and associates know that you are there, but resist this temptation. Only send emails when you have something to tell them.

Step 5 Do More than Promote Your Business

While the primary purpose of your emails will be to promote your business, you also want to give your customers some information about developments in your field. You may even want to keep them updated about what your competitors are doing.

Write the Emails in a friendly, easygoing Tone. You don’t have to be constantly selling your business. Don’t feel that every email has to be a sales pitch. Make your emails enjoyable and pleasant to read. Please visit for more great business.

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