Steps to Giving Stake in Your Company – How To Get an Angel Investor

Written By Steps To Faculty Published September 30th, 2010

The role of angel investors today is quite critical if you are starting your own business. These small-scale personal investors need to be approached in a certain way if you are to get an angel investor interested in your business.

Step 1. Identify yourself

All an angel investor needs to do is shake your hand and he is already placing you into one of three categories. He may consider you to be a lifestyle entrepreneur if you exude a feeling of nonchalance. You want to live pleasantly rather than create an up-and-coming multimillion-dollar company. He may think you are an empire builder, a person who loves the growth rate of the company and ruling your domain. You would never sell your company for anything. A serial entrepreneur is the final category you may be placed into. This is if you enlarge your company, sell it, start another, and repeat. Unless this last option describes you, you may not receive funding from an angel investor.

Step 2. Find the right angel investor

All desirable angels share some important traits. They have good contacts, strong industry, entrepreneurial, and investing experience, and medium-deep pockets. After all, if their net worth is above $50 million, the loan that you need for $50,000 when starting your own business may fall below their radar.

Step 3. Establish the fundamentals of your company

When you have some potential investors in mind, you should be prepared to talk about a few points. The angel will want to know about everyone who has a stake in your company. The potential of the opportunity, external factors, and the deal proposal will all be discussed.

Step 4. Debate the value

How much funding do you want as you work toward starting your own business? How many total business rights are you prepared to give to the investor?

Step 5. Structure the deal

Discuss the type of financing, either equity or debt. What will the terms of the deal be? Who will receive their share first, the investor or the entrepreneur? Will the angel investor be able to invest in rounds in the future?

Shaking hands in agreement at the conclusion of the deal is not the end, but only the beginning of a relationship. The best entrepreneurs will make the angel glad for their decision. Updates concerning potential customers and other business actions are things you should not forget about after starting your own business. Please visit for more great business advice.

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