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Pinterest is the Next Big Thing for Businesses

What’s the hottest new Social Media application out there, Pinterest. Launched in 2010, Pinterest registered 7 million registered visitors in December 2011 which is up 1.6 million from September.

Pinterest is an online board where companies and people can create boards and pin images to them. You can have as many boards as you like and you can invite friends to follow you.

5 Steps to Double Your Sales in 2011 via Internet Marketing

Step 1) Teach What You Know – Not What You Want To Know
Are you very secretive of your industry secrets? Try to share everything you know! You will be suprised.

Share your secrets on Facebook, Twitter, and forums. Post it…

Facebook Friend Count Linked to the Size of a Certain Body Part? (study)

Facebook friend count linked to the size of a small part of your brain!

Steps to New Facebook Advertising Tools for Your Business

A working knowledge of social and web 2.0 media is crucial in today’s business world, and Facebook advertising has become one of the number one ways a business can increase its exposure. If you do not already have a Facebook page for your business, you are missing…

Steps to not twitter away your time – small business internet marketing

Twitter is a wonderful online communication network that enables you to keep up to date with celebrities, friends, distant family members, and with other businesses and customers. However, Twitter, like many other social media, can also guzzle up a great deal of your time, which…

Social Bookmarking Services – How To Chose The Legit Ones

According to industry analysts, social bookmarking can also be prone to corruption, misuse and collusion. Due to its rising popularity, some users have started considering it as a tool to use along with black-hat search engine optimization methods, to make their Web sites more visible.

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