Tips To Creating A Great Resume

If you fall into this category you will have to polish up your resume to remain competitive in the job hunting pool. But there are a few resume tips that can help you get noticed and get hired. Take a look.

Steps to Management Success – Step 136: Never Let Your Resume Go out of Date


Never Let Your Resume Go out of Date

Periodically update your resume so you can promptly send a version that contains your most current information. When people request your resume, they usually want it relatively quickly; they generally don’t want to wait until you get around to sending it. If it takes forever to arrive, the delay could damage their opinion of you; it might even take you out of the running. When they are forced to wait, requesters’ enthusiasm about you or the project may wane. So, put yourself in a position to strike while they’re still fired up.

Steps to Management Success – Step 24: Don’t Let Your Past Haunt You


Don’t Let Your Past Haunt You

No matter how awful your previous employer was, no matter how terrible your boss was, no matter how evil your coworkers were, never, ever burn your bridges behind you. It doesn’t matter how bad things were—don’t take it out on your boss or coworkers in person before you leave.

Why Do You Write A Resume (CV)?

THE NUMBER ONE PURPOSE OF A RESUME If you live in the USA in 2010 you probably have heard from all your friends that you should keep your resume available at a minute’s notice. The resume is a tool with one specific purpose: to win an interview with a potential employer. If it works, it […]

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