Accountants And Accounting Software

Accounting is the measuring, and disclosure or provision of assurance about information that helps managers and other decision makers make resource allocation decisions. How to become an Accountant.

Accountants in the US are called Certified Public Accountants and in the UK and Canada are called Chartered Accountants.

Chartered Accountants in Canada are expected to know all US CPA knowledge as well as a Canadian Accounting body of knowledge. In order to become an Accou…

Accounting Outsourcing Service to augment your business prospects

Accounting outsourcing service is the ideal means for accountants and accounting firms to deal with hectic customer demands during the tax season the US. Accounting outsourcing also enables accounting firms to earn revenue during the tax season.

1031 Tax Exchange – Frequently Asked Questions

After years of conducting tens of thousands of successful 1031 exchanges, we found that there are a number of frequently asked questions related to this type of transaction…

Equity and Gain

Is my tax based on my equity or my taxable gain?

Tax is calculated upon the taxable gain. Gain and equity are two separate and distinct items. To determine your gain, identify your original purchase price, deduct any depreciation which has been previously reported, then add the va…

Steps to understanding small business tax breaks

If you’ve just started a business, or even if you’ve been running one for many years now, it is always great to get tax breaks. There are a few tax breaks for small businesses, however, that you may have missed. Let’s take a look at how these tax breaks affect you.

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My name is Roger Due and I am from Albuquerque, New Mexico and I am the owner of the Monsano software company. This has been an absolutely fantastic conference. This is the best I have ever been to.