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Steps to Protect yourself against corporate liability – why incorporating is only the first step

When starting your own business one of the first steps you want to take is to protect yourself against corporate liability. After you have researched and discovered that incorporating your company is one of the best methods to limit liability (either through a LLC or C corporation), you may also wonder what other steps should you consider to protect against corporate liability. The following list…

Steps to legal steps to take before starting a home based business

Starting your own business requires time and effort. It also requires careful attention to detail. One of these finite details is the law. Like any other endeavor you may pursue in your life, starting your own business requires a procession of legal steps that everyone should take. By avoiding these…

Steps to recent small business tax breaks

If you are a small business owner or plan on starting a business you should be aware of these 2010 tax code changes as each will affect you business now and in the near future. Take a look.

Steps to handling the tax implications of obtaining a business license

Virtually all businesses, whether it is an online format, a physical firm, or a corporation, are required by federal and state law to obtain a business license at least in the state where the business will reside. In some instances, a business license can be filed in the states of Nevada and Delaware for their simplified filing process. But there are some tax considerations to ponder after you file for a business license. Let’s take a look.

Steps to obtaining a business license

Prior to commencing your small or online business, you need to carefully research all legal consequences as well as state and federal rules and regulations. By law you need to license a business before you collect revenues. But by obtaining a business license, several points must be considered. Let’s take a look at what you need to be careful of before engaging in getting a business license.

Steps to determine what it means to be self-employed

The idea sounds great: “I am self-employed.” This means you come and go as you please, make your own money, and your own decisions. You run your own business. But when it comes time to do taxes, what exactly does it mean to be self-employed? Let’s find out.

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