Planning Your Next Vacation

With all of the stresses of life, the last thing most people want to do is plan out a vacation. They want it to just be done for them. Here are some tips on how to make planning your vacation less stressful. Step 1: Decide where you want to. You might think that picking where […]

Body and Mind

As I go through my day today, I will remind myself to relax. Stay loose.
Be flexible in my body and mind.

A Guide To Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is taken to cover teeth problems. These include problems such as breaking teeth in an accidents or after having a fall. Dental insurance can be flexible and structured in order to meet the different dental needs of people.

The 3 Critical Things You Need to Make Lots of Money Fast

You can literally become a money sucking magnet and be among those who can brag of making money fast. These principles are easy to follow and very effective, granted that you follow them

Stay Vigilant In The Face Of The Highly Improbable

The need to remain vigilant is spoken to in the Psalms of the Bible. You will not be able to control the random variables – such is the human condition.

But, what you can be as vigilant as possible about those things that are in your control, and make a commitment to live your life to the fullest no matter what life throws at you.

Change Your Thinking And Get Richer

Imagine two situations; 1) finding $1,000, that is yours to keep with no strings attached and 2) earning $1,000 through hard-work.

I’m curious – is there any difference between the value of them? Do you consider one to be worth more than the other? Is there any difference in how you would spend them?

Are they different to you in some way? You can do exactly the same thing with them. I wonder if you really would. Well if you do attach a different value to them you could …

Women marry more for money in 2011 than in 1940s

What women really want: to marry a rich man?

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.

Mark Twain used to say, “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” While you may want to think that what you wear doesn’t have much of an influence, the truth is that it certainly can, depending on what type of meeting or event you are attending.

Starting A Business: Do You Really Want to Change Your Life in the Coming Year?

Stripping away 99% of your business start up excuses in one article!

Characteristics Of A Successful Entrepreneur

Studies have shown that successful entrepreneurs possess these characteristics:

Steps to organizing your stack of business cards – technology

The days of the Rolodex are out. Not too long ago, business card and other contact information about your clients were stored in a device called a Rolodex, which was a circular card holder that sat on the edge of a secretary’s desk. Today, mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad and even PDAs have all but…

Steps to getting started in surfing

Do you want to something daring? Have you considered surfing? If so, then you will be surprised to know how simple it is to get started. If you live in an area that does not have a coast, for example Montana or Nebraska, you might want…

Steps to the best towns in US to go antiquing

The following list are the best towns in the USA that offer great deals on antiques in addition to wonderful sightseeing opportunities and great Americana culture. Take a look…

Upcoming reality shows to audition for 2010

Reality television has taken the world by storm. From American Idol to Top Chef reality television is here to stay. If you have hidden talents that you would like to showcase or if you are looking for some fun (and some extra cash and recognition) consider becoming a participant on…

Shopping Online – safely.

Learn to shop online safely.

15 Creative Photo Ideas

There are lots of experienced and creative photographers around the Web who eagerly share their experience and ideas with people around.

“Powering Off” or “Power On?”

Do you take your laptop on vacation? Do you sometimes “hate” your cell phone or your Blackberry? Harris Interactive recently reported that one-third of vacationers take their laptops on vacation. During a Sunday meal at a restaurant recently, I observed a man sitting with his family talking on his cell phone — obviously about business. He was not happy – neither was his family!

10 Tips In Better Photography

Taking a good photo isn’t as hard as you may think. You don’t need the most expensive camera or years of experience, just 10 simple tips.

The Characteristics of Soul

Like the pedals of a flower opening to the world around it, we create a presence of awareness. In full bloom, the beauty or the lack thereof touches the lives of everyone around us. As our inner patterns of attention move through us, the world illuminates the seeds of awareness contained within us for so long. Here, a life is created. It is the life of our soul.

The Essence of Freedom

Happiness is not a passive state, but a product of positive attitude and positive action. And this positive attitude is the result of a mental effort. In short, happiness implies dynamism. Let us explore this concept if you like.

Sentencia Interruptus: The Texas Pause

I’ve actually never heard anyone talk about this, so it’s up to me to break the news to the world about this phenomenon. It can be a monumental problem, if you don’t know about it, understand it, and adhere to its rule. “It” is, and I believe I’ve aptly named it, Sentencia Interruptus, or commonly known (or soon will be) as the Texas Pause. Problems can arise in communications between husbands and wives, employers and their employees, teachers and students, and others, if one of the parties..

Theory Of Evolution Challenged By French Chef; Cites Role Of Food And Wine

While the Theory of Evolution has received numerous challenges since Darwin proposed it, none seems to have taken the scientific community with such devastating surprise as a theory recently proposed by a French Chef from Bordeaux. Andre Dumier, who operates a One Star Michelin restaurant just outside the city of Bordeaux, advanced the theory after contemplating what he considers the first requirement in the various stages of evolution – the availability of food and, in time, wine.

We were fortunate in being able to arrange an exclusive Newslaugh interview.

NewsLaugh: Would you please explain your theory?

Dumier: But, of course, monsieur. The great flaw in Darwin’s Theory is that he puts Natural Selection before the existence of food to select.

NewsLaugh: Say, that’s interesting. Can you elaborate?

Dumier: It is my pleasure to do so. To me his Theory of Evolution does not make a primary place for the existence of food. Let me explain. Do you think the fish evolved in the ocean before there was plankton for them to dine on? Of course, not. They would have starved! And, if they could not survive, how could you have Survival of the Fittest?

NewsLaugh: Do you have another theory to propose?

Dumier: Oui, monsieur. Survival of the Fullest.

The Topless CPA

“This place is amazing,” Todd told Lila, the topless dancer who had just charged him for touching her hand. “Is there anything you don’t charge for?”

“Not very many,” she joked.

“How’d it get that way?” he wanted to know.

“It was started by a dancer who saved up and got her CPA.”

A Revised History Of Pasta

As we note history changing at a record pace, from the recent unexpected surfacing of The Book of Judas to the unseating of Tyrannosaurus Rex as the largest-ever carnivore, we thought we’d do our part by contributing a revised history of pasta, in which we claim the accolade for the Roman epicurean Julius Amplonius, who had the furious assistance of the invading barbarian Klunk, The Great.

5 Tips For New Internet Surfers

When you are new to the web, trying to start a new business to make a living online, you need advices to make your surffing life easier…

Basic Trampoline Tricks

So now you have your new trampoline but want to learn some tricks to show off to your friends and family?

10-Foot Trampoline: The Best Size for Your Family

A 10-foot trampoline might just be the best size for your family…

5 Ways To Get The Best Use Out Of Your Home Treadmill

The #1 fear that people have when investing in a home treadmill (or any piece of exercise equipment) is that they won’t use it.

You know the story. It gets delivered, you set it up and enjoy it for a few days…and then it sits…and waits.

A few months down the road, you notice how dusty it has become and how much space it’s taking up. And you remember how much weight you were determined to lose by using it faithfully every day. But now, unfortunately, it doubles as …

Entertaining Monterey Wine Country Style – Impress An Entire Dinner Party With One Easy Dish

A single-dish feast, such as paella, can be an excellent idea for people who don’t have much time for entertaining.

Avocado 101: How to Pick, Store and Handle the Perfect Fruit

Delicious Hass avocados add great taste, lively color and a creamy texture to ordinary dishes, making them extraordinary. From pizza to salads to sandwiches.

Beer….how is it made?

When your sitting having a cool clean crisp beer do you ever wonder how it is made, well here is the inside scoop what you need to know

4 Easy Tips on How to Make Healthy Recipes

Discover quick healthy recipe tips to cook healthy meals for you and your family. Learn how eating healthy is simple with easy healthy recipe ideas.

3 Great Coconut Shrimp Recipes

If you love coconut shrimp, here are three different, but very good coconut shrimp recipes to try.

Coconut Beer Batter Fried Shrimp with Pineapple Salsa

2 eggs
1-3/4 cups all-purpose flour
3/4 cup beer
1 tablespoon baking powder
2 lb. medium shrimp, peeled and deveined
coconut oil
3 cups grated coconut

Seasoning mix:

1 tablespoon cayenne pepper
2-1/4 teaspoons salt
1-1/2 teaspoons sweet paprika
1-1/2 teaspoons black pepper
1-1/4 teaspoons gar…

3 Easy to Cook Chicken Recipes for a Lovely Treat

We all love spicy chicken. Here are 3 recommended, deelicious hot n’ spicy chicken recipes to try out in your chicken today!

“Pampoenmoes”, South African Food!

Pumpkin is one of South Africa’s favourite vegetables. Most restaurants serve pumpkin and spinach as vegetable side dishes with main meals and all mothers buy it for their families.

“Melkkos”, another great South African dish

“Melkkos” is one of my favourite dishes ever. I do honestly not know what it is called in English, but if I had to translate it, it would be something like milk food. It is a dish with its main ingredient being milk, to which you add some flour and butter.

4 Tips to Help Write Personal Wedding Vows

A person’s wedding is one of the most memorable, important, and high points in an individual’s life.

10 Exciting Bridal Shower Game Ideas

The bridal shower is an opportunity for the women in the future bride’s life to honor her with a simple luncheon or get together filled with good food, fun and games. Many bridal showers feature a series of games that are not only a great deal of fun but also allow a bonding opportunity for all of the women at the party and sometimes serve the purpose of completing a task for the bride to be.

“Note To Self” — Creating A Wedding Time Capsule

One of the wedding trends that’s really revving up brides today is the addition of a time capsule to the wedding prep proceedings. Yes, the wedding time capsule is a growing trend — to the point where you can buy a pre-made kit from many web sites.

In kit form, your wedding time capsule takes the form of an attractive tin, in which you place various mementos — photos, videos — as well as predictions for the future; then, you seal it all up with some festive stickers, to…

A Brief History Of The Bridal Veil

Since mediaeval times, Anglo-Saxon and Anglo Norman women’s attire included veils. The tradition of wearing a veil was part of most married women. Historically unmarried girls wore no veils. The veil had a practical purpose for it had covered the woman’s hair, their neck and the chins. Veils had served a functional purpose, protecting women’s skin from wind and sun damage. By the 15th century, hoods become prevalent, and veils became less widespread.

Historically, brides w…

What to Do When People Don’t Like You

Do you ever worry that people don’t like you? Find out what to do when it seems that people don’t like you. Learn how you can make friends.

Anniversary Ideas For Everyone

Are you about to celebrate a special anniversary with the one you love? Whether you have been together one year or fifty years it is important to celebrate the day in a special and memorable way. Sometimes, as much as you want to bless the one you love in a unique way, it is hard to come up with great anniversary ideas. One of the best ways to think of ideas can be to take a look back through the years of your relationship.

You will be surprised by how many perfect annive…

A Good Communication Technique When Speaking With Others

This article discusses how you can communicate better using the “I” message

5 Important Details Developing Rapport

Let us take a peak at the basics of developing rapport with others.

In a nutshell, what it takes is to ask questions, have a positive, open attitude, encourage an open exchange of communications (both verbal and unspoken), listen to verbal and unspoken communications and share positive feedback.

Here are important details on each step:

1. Ask Questions

Building report is similar to interviewing someone for a job opening or it can be like a reporter seeking info…

10 Tips For Loving In The Fast Lane

Sometimes in the hustle of everyday life, it’s easy to forget to tell our loved ones just what they mean to us. But don’t be put off as it doesn’t have to take a lot of planning. Love is in the little details that make up our lives.

4 Rules To Transform A Long Distance Love On The Internet Into A Normal Relationship

Let’s suppose that you are meeting someone online and that person seem to be the match of your life, but is living far away from you. Does it worth to spend your time in a long distance relationship with this person? What if this person is really your soul mate?

17 Seduction Tips

Seduction is the most exciting thing in a relationship. It isn’t bad or wrong, it’s absolutely necessarily. The power of seduction is a gift. But not all of us have it, so we have to learn how to seduce the woman we want.

13 Love Killer Phrases

To be in loved with a girl and start a relationship is a wonderful thing. Long term relationships are usually based on love, trust and honesty. Even if honesty is very important in a relationship, sometimes may be hurtful.

10 Top Relationship Tips

This article is about relationships and how to make them last. Both parties should work at a relationship. I hope you find my most recent article about relationships both interesting and helpful.

Online Dating – 10 Reasons Why SOME Online Relationships don’t Work

You are single, bored and you just have nothing to do. It is another miserable day like the day before. You need someone to talk to and you are turning on the computer, browsing some… dating sites. There are so many people… singles, like you are.

“What Does Love Mean?” See How 4-8 Year-Old Kids Describe Love

A group of professional people posed this question to a group
of 4 to 8 year-olds: “What does love mean?”

See the deep answers they gave…

I’m Sorry, So Sorry – Tips About Apologizing

We all make mistakes. Howsoever intelligent we may be, or wealthy, or experienced, we all make mistakes.

How do you improve brainpower so that you can actually become more creative?

If you want to be creative, it usually pays to be pretty darn smart. But how do you get ‘smarter?’ Obviously, there are a lot of different theories on all of this, and maybe there is no one right way or one shoe-fits-all approach that can make you a more robust, more vigorous and more intellectual person. However,

5 Steps to a Balanced Monday Morning

Tips to help the working mom balance those stressful Monday mornings.

Cheap Baby Shower Gifts: Thoughtful Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Here is a great list of cheap baby shower gift ideas that won’t break the bank. Enjoy!

1.Books. Buy baby board books online for less than $5 a pop (shipping included). Get discounted rates when buying on a bundle.

2.Baby Clothes. Any new Mom will appreciate a set of clothes as a baby shower gift. However, if you plan ahead, you can give the Mom-to-be toddler clothes instead of infant sets. She’ll surely appreciate the vision. Another tip is to buy off-season, while the…

5 Baby Shower Gifts That Mom Will Love

With the pregnancy bug in the water system, you are bound to know someone who is having a baby, if you aren’t having one yourself. Pregnant women equal shopping time. Here are 5 gifts that any mother will most certainly be appreciative of. The baby shower gift ideas are great for those who are shopping or for mom’s to put on their gift registry.

1. Diapers, diapers and more diapers. That is quite a bland gift but a very much needed gift. I don’t any mom who will complain a…

“Being a Primary Carer for a relative with Alzheimer’s disease – The Long Goodbye”

“It is a bittersweet irony that those who care for the sufferers in reality suffer more than the sufferers do themselves.” Stephen Morgan describes, in the first part of a series, how life can indeed be “up and down” being a Primary Carer for a relative suffering with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Potassium Concerns in the Elderly

Having sufficient nutrients in the body is a general goal for everyone.

A Grandparent’s Guide To Choosing Age Appropriate Toys

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 1.3 million children are entrusted to their grandparents every day. Roles of a grandparent include spoiling and enlightening their grandkids with toys they will enjoy. After all, toys are considered to be treasures of childhood. With this role comes an added responsibility to make sure that grandchildren stay safe and enjoy a toy that is age-appropriate. Grandparents make up a large percentage of toy buyers. Thousands of toys are marketed …

A Moving Experience

Ah, the joys of sending your child out to his or her own apartment. This scenario will be a humorous reminder to a few of you.

Keeping Tropical Fish – A New Adventure?

Did you know that the keeping of fish dates back to antiquity? It may be true but only recently has the activity become popular among all age groups. Have you joined the multitudes who have recently contributed to the popularity of keeping tropical fish? It really has become popular as many homes now have at least a small aquarium among its furnishings.

Important Cat Litter Box Health Considerations You Should Know About

Health risks every cat owner should know about! Cats are the most popular pet in the United States. Certainly one of the main reasons for their popularity is the fact that cats pose a very low health risk to their owners. However, it is important for cat owners to understand the health risks posed by cats in order to more fully enjoy the benefits of cat ownership.

Organic Dog Food and Making the Right Choice

An article about choosing organic foods for your dog.

Puppy Love: Secrets to Professional Dog Training

For the sake of a happy home life and a contented puppy, dog training is a necessity. Here are four secrets that the pros use for success.

Positive Dog Training Techniques

There are many different dog training techniques that are out there today. Many people often don’t realize that dog training courses often utilize different dog training techniques.

Some of these dog training techniques work better than others.

Whether you are going to a dog training course or if you are doing the dog training yourself… wouldn’t you rather know which dog training technique is the best?

If you answered yes to that question then you should know that …

Pet Insurance: What Exactly is Pet Insurance?

It might seem like an unnecessary expense; but you would never consider going without health insurance for your family – why should your pet be any different? Health insurance for pets is by no means a new concept – people have been doing it for years and saving hundreds of dollars on healthcare for their pets. Veterinary costs have sky rocketed and even a simple problem can cost you thousands of dollars to fix. You don’t want to be put in the position of choosing between an expensive life saving operation or saying goodbye to your beloved pet.

Is Dental Care Important For Your Dog?

If only we could get our pets to brush their teeth regularly! Well you know that can’t happen . . . but we can help our dogs take care of their teeth and gums. They don’t, of course, realize how important dental care is to their health (and maybe you didn’t realize it either).

Following are some facts about dental problems that may either be causing your dog discomfort right now or might soon affect your dog’s health; we’ll also give you some tips on treating those proble…

7 Tips to Naming Your Puppy

You’ll use your puppy’s name over 35,000 times in it’s life. Here are seven tips to choosing a great name.

4 Things to Think About Before Declawing your Cat

Declawing is a major surgery known as onychectomy, performed under anesthesia, that removes the tip of each digit (from the first knuckle out) of the cat’s forepaws.

Basic Principles In A Dog Lovers Club

There are lots of dog lovers clubs in the US that offer a lot more for both the dog lovers and their dogs. Here are some of them.

The American Kennel Club has a dog lovers sections called “For the Love of the Purebred Dog”. This article is more than a canine purebred section. It is dedicated to living at home with dogs. This dog club gives informative and educational materials pertaining to pet care, training, nutrition and a lot more. It also includes funny stories, art, …

“Daddy, Can I Have A Puppy?”

Sooner or later, every parent is likely to hear: Please, can I have a puppy?” Rather than dodge the question, parents should consider whether their family is ready for a pet.

15 Tips For What To Do With Your Sewing Pattern

What to do with a sewing pattern once you take it out of the envelope. You have searched the pattern books, found the perfect pattern for your material and now you are off home to make it up.

A Rare Bird Indeed For Bird Watchers – The Atlantic Puffin

For most bird watching enthusiast, keeping an eye out for a rare sighting is of great importance. Sighting an Atlantic Puffin is just such rare sighting

10 Really Low-Cost Ways to Start Your Stamp Collection

Stamp collecting doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby. You can enjoy collecting stamps with limited financial resources. Here are 10 really low-cost ways to start stamp collecting.

7 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Model Ship Kits

Here are some things to consider before you spend your money on a model ship kit.

6 Simple Steps to Becoming A HOT Guitar Player!

Becoming a great guitar player can be easier than you think… if you follow these 6 simple steps! It’s so easy a child can do it.

3 Things You Must Have In Order To Profit From Your Hobby

Turning your favorite hobby into a profitable business isn’t as difficult as you think. But there are three things you absolutely must have in order to succeed

“Knot With My Thread” – Stringing Choices For Beading & Jewelry Making.

There are many issues about the choice of stringing material for beading. Here is an interesting article on the different stringing materials and their usage.

Caribbean Stud Poker: How to Play

Here you can learn how to play Caribbean stud poker, one of the most popular table games in land and online casinos.

Casinos Most Guarded Secrets

Many people think that the casinos have secrets that if they get out everyone would be winning fortunes in the casinos, and the truth is there are things the casinos do not want you to know. In this article we will spill the beans and tell you all their darkest secrets.

Chinese Gambling Games: Casino Games with Chinese Origins

Here you can read about some of the most popular casino games and gambling games that were imported to the US from China.

Lasik Vision Treatment – What Goes On During A Lasik Eyesight Surgery

Step 1:

Folks that have been required to wear contacts or glasses almost all their life can now leave these aids behind as a result of implementing a brand new and also ground breaking Laser eye method known as the LASIK eye surgery.

This completely new kind of refractive eye surgery might be risky however , typically following precise screening and examination the ultimate outcome is a good one

The history of birth control

Useful and interesting article about history of birth control methods.

12 Ways To Join The Illuminati

The idea of a secret cabal of mysterious forces that make up the Illuminati has for some a “romantic” appeal. Granted that appeal may be filled with fear but it’s a concept they hold on to in spite of reason.

A History of Cosmetics, Part 3

It might seem like women’s make-up is a fairly modern social norm, but the practice of cosmetics is a really old concept. Here is some history behind why women are always having to wear make-up now.

A History of Cosmetics, Part 2

It might seem like women’s make-up is a fairly modern social norm, but the practice of cosmetics is a really old concept. Here is some history behind why women are always having to wear make-up now.

A History of Cosmetics, Part 1

It might seem like women’s make-up is a fairly modern social norm, but the practice of cosmetics is a really old concept. Here is some history behind why women are always having to wear make-up now.

5 Steps To Perfect Hair

Your hair is your crowning glory. Look after it and it will shine for all the world to see. You don’t always need expensive treatments, or visits to a hair salon to manage your hair professionally.

Artists Biographies on Film: Top Movies about Visual Artists

Here is a guide to the best movies that describes the life of visual artists.

Addiction: When Gambling Becomes a Problem

This article deals with the problems associated with an gambling addiction. You can read here about the signs, causes and treatment of such problems.

Accessorize Your Wedding Attire with a Stunning Bridal Handbag

Bridal handbags can add a touch of elegance to your wedding attire. Here are some tips to choose the bridal handbag that’s right for you…

A Short History of Gloves

Glove making has been intertwined with human culture since the caveman. This short history highlights some interesting facts about gloves and their uses.

A guide on how to buy a neck tie for your wedding

If it is your wedding time and you don’t know how to manage a good neck tie then these tips shall be quite useful for you.

A Clothes Encounter In The Business World

Follow these professional business attire tips for both men and women because we are judged by the way we dress.

A Bali Bra Just For You

The Bali bra line is a collection of high-quality pretty undergarments offering women from all over who come in every shape and size complete support and protection.

5 Reasons Hale Bob Clothes Are Great!

Here you will learn about Hale Bob Clothes, where they originated from, and why they are a great choice as an addition to your wardrobe to give it some originality and spice it up.

3 Different Kinds of Organic Tshirts and What to Choose?

How to prevent from being fooled while choosing organic tshirts!

‘Tis the Season for Flower Girl Dresses and Children’s Formal Wear

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s the season for children’s formal wear. Weddings call for flower girl dresses and boy’s tuxedos, as well as for First Communion dresses and boy’s suits.

‘It’ bags are the classic cars of the fashion set

Handbags are the new shoes, the must have “it” accessory that has all the fashion-istas clamouring for the latest offering from popular designers.

An Apple A Day Can Help Kids Make The Grade

Getting a child to eat healthy food can be a monumental challenge for any parent. However, studies show that all of the haggling, arguing, and hassle is actually worth the effort as a healthy diet leads to enhanced academic performance in school. In fact, malnourished children often struggle in school because they are more likely to miss school, score lower on standardized tests, and repeat grades. Worse, bad eating habits can lead to serious health problems, such as diabetes…

A Clothing Optional Vacation – Give A Unique Father’s Day Gift

If your husband is like most men, he is the hardest person to buy gifts for. How many new ties, power tools, or bottles of liquor does he really need? Here’s a great idea for a gift this Father’s Day – a vacation at a clothing optional resort.

Sound far fetched? Not really. Nude recreation is the fastest growing segment of the travel industry. It is a booming travel niche with over $400 million in annual revenues reported by USA Today newspaper. In a recent Roper poll, 25%…

7 Ways to Grow Flowers

Want a more beautiful garden? It’s easier than you think once you understand the 5 “Zen” rules of fantastic gardens. This article provides all the tricks and tips you need to make it happen.

3rd Anniversary Gift – Boy, I’m in Trouble Now

Your third anniversary is coming up and your mind is racing as you browse countless gift ideas, a new pair of shoes, a tie L, flowers, jewelry? Then just like last year and the year before your brain goes into full overload, shuts down and triggers “gift shopping procrastination” till the last minute when in desperation you grab a cheesy scarf or tie depending on the sex of the recipient.

2nd Anniversary Gifts – Cotton Anniversary Gift Ideas

Almost two years have passed since you both said “I do” and now your 2nd wedding anniversary is coming up, and as so many times before on occasions that etiquette requires the exchanging of gifts, you get stuck in a gift tunnel vision. An example is the spouse who buys flowers for every birthday, anniversary or holiday. Now don’t get me wrong, flowers are great, and so is filet mignon but I don’t want it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Get the point? Mix it up, put a little thought into it.

Unreal Estate: 10 horror films with demonic dwellings and un-family-friendly locations

1. Nosferatu (1922)

There’s nothing like making the property sale of your life, only to find out that your dream client is a member of the blood-sucking undead. This movie is notable because it was an unauthorized adaptation of the book “Dracula” by Bram Stoker. Recently, improved copies of the original movie have been made accessible to the public. This film introduced the concept of vampires being severely harmed and/or destroyed by sunlight.

Lyme Disease Public Service Announcement

Did you know that many ticks that transmit the bacteria that causes Lyme disease are only the size of a poppy-seed?

What Is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity & What Can You Do To Prevent It?

A few years ago I learned about a great resource, The Chemical Injury Information Network, which puts out a monthly newsletter called Our Toxic Times, from an incredible doctor, now retired, who successfully treated thousands of people, many of whom were suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS).

Step 1: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is a chronic illness whereby an individual is sensitive to extraordinarily low levels of chemicals. Symptoms of MCS are often non-specific and multiple organs are often affected which is why it can be so difficult for someone to realize that they are suffering from it.

Is Your Olive Oil Really Olive Oil?

You know that 100% extra-virgin olive oil you bought to make your favorite vinaigrette with; the olive oil you always drizzle over those beefsteak tomatoes your family loves?

Well, sorry, but that 100% extra virgin olive oil you bought may not be olive oil at all. Would the impostors please stand up? The bottle may be filled instead with a nut or seed oil cleverly disguised as olive oil, e.g., hazelnut, peanut, soy or canola oil, or a mixture of olive oil with some ersatz olive oil – low grade olive-pomace oil which is used to make soaps and for industrial purposes (pomace is what’s left after pressing the olives: the pits and ground flesh).

Steps to living it up in Pasadena, California

Are you ready for year-round sunshine, sophisticated buildings and a rich cultural scene? Then look no further than Pasadena, California. Known as the Rose Bowl city, hosts the Tournament of Roses Parade every January 1 that draws millions of spectators annually. But there is much more to this picturesque enclave than meets the eye. Find out how.

Step to enjoying the Turks and Caicos (TCI)

Do you dream of paradise with tropical breezes, sandy beaches, azure waters, and the best weather? Then look no further than the Turks and Caicos Islands. Full of natural wonders, these heavenly islands offer less crowded attractions and more serenity. Just one hour south of Miami, these set of 40 islands have abundant sunshine and amazing coral reefs. Let’s take a look.

Steps to take when travelling in Houston, Texas

Incredible Houston – The Land of NASA

The United States has many wonderful historic cities to visit, including Houston, located in Southern Texas. Currently, considered a booming area economically and by population, Houston has many unique sites to see. Take a look.

Steps to Enjoying the Stunning Downtown Attractions in Austin

Austin used to be a little college town. But currently, Austin has numerous tourist attractions, a vibrant nightlife, major political significance, and many attractive tourist destinations. Downtown Austin is rapidly growing and there are several activities that one could do to refresh or relax his or her mind. Let’s take a look.

Steps to Learning about the Exquisite City of Berlin

If you want to spend some of your precious moments in one of the most ideal historical places, then Berlin would be a great place to visit with your family, friends, and children. Berline has many interesting sites, including its famous Wall. Take a look.

Steps to Take when Traveling in Calgary

Calgary is one of the largest cities in the province of Alberta, located in Canada. It is an important center for trade and communication and is situated in the gateway of the Rocky Mountains. The heart of Canada is Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto, the largest metropolitan site. However, Calgary has splendid mountain scenery and friendly people who make you feel welcome. Let’s take a look.

Steps to take when Traveling in London

London is a beautiful place with a rich and creative history and a number of places to visit and roam around. As one of the leading cultural centers in the United Kingdom and n Great Britain, London is one of the greatest cities in the world. If you plan to travel to this magnificent city, learn about some of the great sites to see.

Steps to Enjoying Los Angeles – The Land Of Hollywood

There are few cities in the United States that has ritz and glamour and at the same time is very down-to-earth as the city of Los Angeles, located in southern California. From famous celebrities to the relaxing wine country, Los Angeles is a culturally diverse city with much to offer any visitor. Find out.

Steps to Enjoying Miami – The Land of Gorgeous Beaches

Miami is renowned for its dazzling beaches, national parks, museums, and historical monuments. Most visitors are generally mesmerized by the sheer beauty of the nature and artistic brilliance of the city. Find out why.

Steps to take when in Washington DC – The Land of the Lincoln Memorial

Washington DC is mainly a city of historical monuments and buildings which have great significance in the United States landscape. Considered the capital of the United States, Washington DC is a unique city with much to offer. Find out.

Steps to Take When Traveling in Montreal

Montreal is a city in the province of Quebec and is the second largest city of Canada. Considered to be the richest city in French tradition and culture, Montreal is a must see tourist attraction throughout the world. Find out why.

Steps to take when Traveling in Mumbai, India

Are you interested in an exotic and relaxing vacation or travel spot? Then Mumbai, located in India, is the perfect place for you. See why.

Steps to Enjoying New York City

If you really want to visit a dynamic city that is full of lights, history, and magic and want to spend your vacation time along with your family or beloved ones, then you should definitely visit New York City. Set in southern New York State and its adjacent state New Jersey, New York City is home to many historic landmarks and world famous museums. See why.

Steps to Traveling in Paris

If you want to visit one of the most romantic places on earth, then Paris will be the appropriate choice. Paris is well renowned for its culture, history, tradition, and of course fashion. Let’s see.

Steps to Take When Traveling in Rio de Janero, Brazil

Known for its exotic beauty, friendly atmosphere, and vibrant ambiance, Rio de Janeiro is one of the world’s most cherished cities and one of Brazil’s greatest tourist attractions. showcases Rio’s white sand beaches and azure waters as well as the most authentic entertainment spots and inexpensive hotels. Let’s take a look.

Steps to Take When Traveling in Saskatchewan, Canada

Located in the middle section of the Canadian prairies, Saskatewan is a diverse city that is also rich with culture and tradition.

Steps to Take When Traveling in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

When you start to think of a vacation abroad, the first question which always strikes your mind is what to do when travelling in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Considered to be one of the world’s greatest cities, a great tourist destination, and a city that boasts a high quality of life and little crime, Vancouver is one of the top spots in North America and throughout the world. Find out why.

Steps to Enjoying San Antonio, Texas

Texas is a state that is vast, fertile, and home to some of the best and fastest growing cities in the United States. San Antonio is one of these destinations. Find out why.

Steps to Enjoying the Sights of Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado is a fabulous destination with picturesque mountain vistas and May celebrations. This Rocky Mountain retreat and metropolis, is surrounded by snow covered mountain peaks and verdant rolling plains. Find out more.

Steps to Making Mistakes Count

By Ridgely Goldsborough

A while back, one of my brothers made an error at work, which cost a client a bunch of money.

They leveled accusations, pointed fingers, ranted and raved, filed a lawsuit and after a failed attempt to settle the dispute, ended up in court—a typical insurance company battle.

Oh well, stuff happens.

On the one hand, I take no issue with the process.

Insurance providers charge periodic premiums to a large number of policyholders and aggregate significant amounts of capital.

Steps to Traveling to Toronto

There are many places that let us to get away from our daily work and boring routine and relax our mind. One of the world’s greatest places to do this is Toronto. Located in the southern tip of the Province of Ontario in Canada, Toronto is rich with history, culinary delights, inexpensive lodging, top shopping and multiculturalism. Take a peak!

Steps to Acquire Fitness Triumph

Though you will see several TV commercials and newspaper ads regarding fitness programs, there is no magic pill by which you can acquire fitness instantly. No matter how many newspapers, magazines or sensational body builders’ mentions about the most modern innovative exercise regime, diet, equipment or medicine to obtain fitness, the fact remains that you can achieve fitness simply by hard work and devoting much of your time towards it.

Steps to Utilize the Benefits of Nutrition for Exceptional Health

Nutrition and alternative medical remedies are now the two most common topics today which are discussed today. People are searching for better different ways to improve their health or to cure their ailing state. Without your good health you will not have the stamina to maintain your business. Here’s how to maximize the benefits of nutrition.

Steps to Motivating Others

Motivation is the instigation of action that is also the engine of achievement. Motivation is the crucial ingredient to develop toughness and capability to get back on your knees when knocked down with dejection and sorrow. When you are accurately motivated then your attitude and approach towards a certain problem will be very affirmative and that will be the crucial difference between positive and negative reaction. The same rule applies to others. Here’s how to instill motivation in your coworkers and employees.

Steps to using Poems, Stories and Recipes in Business

Poems, stories and even recipes can help you connect to your customers in a special way.

Step 1 Get creative with poetry

Poetry can be very special and touching. People often have a strong inclination towards poetry, which is able to stimulate a personal or sentimental connection and human values. Poetry which is not able to connect to a set of individuals does not necessarily mean that the poetry is not well written and on the other hand, poems which attach a special bonding with readers does not mean that the poetry is well written. It is just the opinion or viewpoint of various people. It is very subjective in nature. Poems provide new energy to their readers.

Steps to Understanding Stress Management – from the youth perspective

Does anyone know at what age students suffer from severe stress? Young parents may say that students suffer from stress early in their age. Aged parents might say that middle school students suffer from severe stress. Still others may mention that secondary school as the period of highest stress. Let’s learn to manage stress at any age.

Steps to Acquire Inexpensive Health Insurance

The major reason why you need inexpensive health insurance is for the financial assistance for your future unpredicted and expensive medical emergencies. So how do you get the best deal on health insurance? Here’s how.

Step 1 Shop around

The only way you can obtain the most affordable health insurance is by going through the Internet and analyzing the various health insurance companies who could give the best bargain depending upon your requirement.

Steps to Networking – Step 95: Accelerated dating

STEP 95: Accelerated dating

Networking has always been an integral part of dating. How many millions of people met their sweethearts through being “fixed up” on blind dates? Introductions, referrals and matchmaking are natural and time-honored practices for bringing single people together. Books, plays, movies and music celebrate them. And in this age when both women and men are swamped by busy, unrelenting, fast-tracked careers, dating has become a major industry.

Steps to Pursuing Your Dreams

By Nik Halik

A friend of mine just recently shared with me the story of John. John was a highly successful business maverick who was contemplating suicide. John had everything materially. He literally owned a mansion, jet-set around the globe, ate at the finest restaurants and stayed at the ultimate 5 star hotels. Yet John’s life was miserable.

Steps to Making You Feel Much Better

By Nik Halik

In life there is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving. When I reflect upon my life and business success, I would have to say that this is very true. I traverse the globe and continually immerse myself in a myriad of cultures and the one commonality I would say is that all people are the same.

One Simple Step to Change Your Life Around

By Nik Halik

Ring! Ring! Ring! We’ve all heard it far too many times. Cell phones. It seems some would have to surgically get theirs removed from their ears in order to live without them. They take them to work, at home, at dinners, even in the bathroom. God-forbid they miss a call. Irritating and someone would say mildly entertaining to watch. But what if we were that type of person?

One Easy Step to Show Someone How Much They Mean To You

By Nik Halik

We may think that with our fast lifestyle and hectic schedule we may not have time for anything—let alone the time to look around and see what we have in our lives. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in the comings and goings of our lives: paying the bills, taking our kids to school, socializing at night, working during the day—whatever it is we feel takes up the majority of our time. Sometimes, it is only when we lose someone that we actually stop for a moment to realize how much that person meant to us.

First Step to Finding Your PASSION in LIFE…

By Nik Halik

Finding your Passion in life! Connecting to your Power in life! Clarifying your Purpose in life! Without these 3 key ingredients, life will be just getting up day after day and doing all over again what you did all the yesterdays before. Many of the world’s greatest leaders were called failures, until they discovered their life purpose.

First Step to Avoid Procrastination

By Nik Halik

Procrastination is one of the biggest building blocks to success. One thing you may notice is that procrastination is similar to a viral fever and will become contagious. If you associate with a group of disempowered individuals, you may need to guard the palace of your mind.

Easy Steps To Turn Your Bad Day Around For The Better

In life, everyone experiences a bad day. Some days are good, some days are bad. But did you know you can transform a bad day into a good one?

Steps to Management Success – Step 139: Be Secure, Even on the Go


Be Secure, Even on the Go

It’s easy to leave important items behind—they slide under beds in hotel rooms; into seats in airplanes, taxicabs, and restaurants; or onto the floor when you’re working at other places of business. Getting back forgotten items can be murder—if you’re lucky enough to ever see them again. Leaving stuff behind can be embarrassing or even damaging in certain situations. So thoroughly check that you have all your belongings before you walk out the door.

Steps to Management Success – Step 133: You Will Get Aggravated—Plan on It


You Will Get Aggravated—Plan on It

In making decisions, many people overlook signs that indicate that their choices could be the source of major aggravation down the road. Aggravation can be a killer: it can sabotage schedules, block initiatives, monopolize valuable time, and prevent you from making the best judgments. Before making important decisions, consider the aggravation factor. Specifically ask yourself which of your options is most likely to give you a real headache?

Steps to Management Success – Step 115: Make Good Use of Your “In Between” Time


Make Good Use of Your “In Between” Time

In the course of your day or week, you may spend a fair amount of time in traffic, in reception areas, or on line. Instead of simply cooling your heels or impatiently waiting for your turn, use these random moments for pleasure or productivity.

6 Steps to Recognizing and Developing the Building Blocks of Life

By Dr. Dallas Humble

Life is made up of many different parts. In each of these parts, we find a piece of our life that if left unrecognized will leave us unbalanced, underdeveloped and unfulfilled. However you define success, there are approximately six areas of your life that you need to recognize to achieve it. Our life is made up of these separate and distinct parts that make us who we are. These building blocks lay the foundation for achieving success. What we do with them makes us what we are.

Ten Steps to Successful Living

Step 1. Be yourself. Never act like you have money regardless of your status.

Step 2. Live within your means. Don’t try to be someone you are not.

Avoiding the 4 Steps to Destruction – “Determining your future”

Changing ones self is difficult. It has been said, “The distinguishable difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that they are motivated by a dream that is bigger than themselves.” In order to determine where you want to be tomorrow, you need a dream today. In order for that dream to come true you must be motivated, have faith and know how to pursue it. Make the necessary changes in your life that allow that dream to one day become a reality. Without a dream that encourages a vision and the hope it will come true, a person will stagnate in life. This in turn causes bitterness toward the past and present and the cycle of dreaming or determining where you are and where you want to be starts all over again.

Steps to Management Success – Step 92: Use the Release Valve as Needed


Use the Release Valve as Needed

If you’re not at least a little bit frustrated by the slings and arrows of the daily grind, you’re probably not working hard enough, too burned out to care, or are already emotionally intelligent enough to have made this rule part of your standard operating procedure. Everybody else—read on.

Steps to Management Success – Step 82: Don’t Dwell on the Past


Don’t Dwell on the Past

We’re all carrying emotional baggage—the residual pain, guilt, anger, shame, regret, et cetera, over past mistakes, setbacks, and other painful learning experiences—but it’s better to check that baggage at the office door. It will only weigh you down.

Keep up the Passion! An Important Factor for the Continued Success of your Business

As you probably already know, passion is an important factor that can determine the start and success of your business. But how can you “keep” or maintain that passion?

As humans, we have all felt the emotion of passion in our lives. When you have a passion for your work/business, it will take you beyond the road of your desires. It will keep you more determined, focused and motivated to build a successful business.

Steps to Management Success – Step 68: Be the Early Bird


Be the Early Bird

It’s true what they say about the early bird catching the worm. It’s been said (by Woody Allen) that 80 percent of life is just showing up, then another 10 percent may be getting there first. Beginning projects ASAP is one of the best strategies around for getting things done on time—and that’s a good thing for any professional’s reputation.

Steps to Management Success – Step 51: Don’t Neglect Your Health


Don’t Neglect Your Health

It’s been said that in business, only the most fit survive. Believe it! If you’re not in solid shape physically, it’s a lot harder to be in peak shape mentally or emotionally. You’ll get fatigued more easily. Stress will frazzle you more. You may get moody, depressed, or short-tempered. Plain and simple, that’s not you at your best—but being at your best is where you have to be to succeed.

Steps to Learning About Lyme Disease: MAY IS LYME DISEASE AWARENESS MONTH!

12 Steps to Learning About Lyme Disease

Step 1. Your chances of getting Lyme disease are more than 10 times that of your getting West Nile Virus.

Step 2. Lyme Disease is the #1 infectious disease in the U.S., surpassing many times over AIDS and the West Nile Virus combined.

Knowing the Truth about Lyme Disease Could Save Your Life or Someone That You Know

People often think of Lyme Disease as being an “East Coast” ailment; something that is a nuisance for Hamptons-goers and avid trail hikers, but otherwise not a real cause for concern.

However, did you know that ticks known to carry Lyme disease have been identified in all 50 states and worldwide and can have serious or even fatal effects?

The Sun Will Shine Again


I really received a wonderful gift today that I want to share with you.

If you have been feeling down and out over the economy, your finances, your health, your relationships, your children, your job or business, I can tell you I’ve been there.

Steps To Becoming An Informed and Happy Collector

I have heard many of my friends to say that an informed collector is a happy collector. In most of their cases it translated they actually invested in their collectibles – and did really well. For instance if you had been collection rare coins last 5 years and pretty good at that – I bet anything your interest is higher than investing in stocks.

World’s Happiest Places – Where Do You Think People Feel Most Content With Their Lives?

We all have seen numerous lists and surveys on this topic. I am quoting one of them as I found this very true. And of course the minor little factor is that I grew up in Finland. According to a report released spring 2009 by the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD), a Paris-based […]

Top 5 Stress Relievers: The Best Ways To Feel Better

There are numerous ways to reduce tension and relax you can read about online or in books. Here are the 5 stress relievers I believe are most effective for the amount of work, money and time involved. Some take more practice, but there’s something here for everyone. Some can be learned in the time it […]

How To Find The World’s Healtiest Foods

Steps To Define the Criteria for The Healthiest Foods: Our world provides thousands of different foods, out of those the majority contain at least several of the nutrients we need but to be included as one of the Healthiest Foods the following criteria is used by several different organizations and nutritionist (with some variations): Step […]

The American Way – Top 10 Dating Tips

No one is a dating expert – even the most beautiful and wealthy people all struggle with matters of the heart. In fact most of those that I have met in New York City really suffered the most. For most Europeans it is a cultural shock to learn all the “rules” people quote when they […]

Find The Best in Estonia!

If you ask anyone who has visited Estonia about what they liked best, you will get many different answers. However, some aspects of Estonia seem to be mentioned more consistently than others. Here are just a few reasons why we all think Estonia is special: Swedish, German and Russian History Estonia has been occupied by […]

Finnish Gastronomy – Experience Reindeer, Fish & Freshness Combined with Design

The Finnish diet combines traditional country fare and upper class cuisine with modern continental style cooking. Spices have been adopted from both East and West. Finland—the country of over 60,000 lakes, endless forests, over 2850 miles of seashore, long winters and light summer nights—lies between Sweden and Russia.

Nordic Walking Catching On: Tips For Powering Your Walk With Poles

If you are like most of us, winter weather turns you into a couch potato. However, getting out and walking is not only good for boosting your mood during those cold, “gloomy” days, but it helps to keep your weight in check, too. Going for a walk is one of the best things you can […]

How to Pack for Your Next Vacation

When people think of vacation they think of relaxation, but sometimes the stress of packing makes the vacation seem like more of a chore than an escape.

I will outline for you tried and true ways that have helped me in making my vacation and travels whether in the US or abroad less stressful.

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your New Doctor’s Visit

Going to a new doctor can feel intimidating or overwhelming especially when you are very ill and/or are traveling a long distance for an appointment. Therefore, since you really want to get the most out of your appointment, you want to get the attention of your new doctor right away as they themselves are often overwhelmed by the number of patients they have and their own personal lives and may not be able to spend as much time with you as you had anticipated.

Is Mercury In Your Personal and Household Products?

The public is becoming increasingly aware that mercury in vaccines, “silver” tooth fillings (“silver” fillings or amalgam fillings are roughly 50% mercury), thermometers, fluorescent light bulbs and even their sushi is toxic to people and the environment. However, many people are still unaware that mercury may be lurking in their personal and household products

Find the Best in Estonia?

If you ask anyone who has visited Estonia about what they liked best, you will get many different answers. However, some aspects of Estonia seem to be mentioned more consistently than others. Here are just a few reasons why we all think Estonia is special: Swedish, German and Russian History Estonia has been occupied by […]

Easy ways to prioritize your to-do list

Are you overwhelmed by the number of tasks you need to complete and cannot seem to handle your to-do list? Read on to find out how to prioritize your to-do list.

The 24 F Words Mega Millionaires Avoid

If you are very smart and very hard-working, then why aren’t you a Mega Millionaire (worth $10 million or more)? I believe many people do not understand how they are getting F’s not A’s in the game of business. The more F words listed below that you can avoid, the more you will increase the odds of becoming a Mega Millionaire.

Simple steps to a proper hug

The other night, I watched an inspirational film The Blind Side starring Sandra Bullock which brought up the concept of a Proper Hug.

What is a proper hug? Is there such a thing?

Steps to Being an Unreasonable Person

Are you an unreasonable person? Well first, what does it mean to be?

Step 1 Define reasonable: In Paul Lemberg’s book, Be Unreasonable, he defines reasonable as “reason of logic and commone sense, or the reason of explanation and the reason of fairness.”

The Healthcare Lie: A Tax By Another Name

  • Crackpot economics continues
  • The middle class will be taxed
  • The rich will be taxed
  • Businesses small and large will be taxed

No matter what the government says, there is not enough money to fund universal healthcare:

Here Is A Thought-Provoking Resource…

The Entrepreneurial Author, by Jay Conrad Levinson – author of the Guerilla Marketing Series and 57 other business books – and David L. Hancock – founder of Morgan James Publishing and author of a number of books including The Secrets of Master Marketing and Affiliate Cash Flow Marketing.

The book itself might be retitled: how to be an entrepreneur in life and in business.

Hold onto Your Dream

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?

Hold onto Your Entrepreneurial Dream

In some way, over the last year or so, all of us have had our dreams shattered.

What do entrepreneurs, sports, and Native American Indians have in common?

I know it may sound crazy at this point in my life, but I’ve been pondering what it is that gets me up in the morning totally excited.

A Dream Deferred

What happens to a dream deferred?

My Friend Frank B., and Ted Kennedy

Furtively, early in the morning, I typed in Google his name, Frank B. It had been years since I had even thought of him. Maybe decades that I wondered where he was and what he’s doing.

Why Ben Franklin Desired To Do Good Rather Than Just Die Rich

Here’s some insight into the Steps To philosophy. Over the years, I have found Ben Franklin’s approach to life inspiring.

Roger Due

Investing in Your Destiny® & Coaching Program - Wealth Building Summit Dallas, Texas

My name is Roger Due and I am from Albuquerque, New Mexico and I am the owner of the Monsano software company. This has been an absolutely fantastic conference. This is the best I have ever been to.