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The 3 Critical Things You Need to Make Lots of Money Fast

You can literally become a money sucking magnet and be among those who can brag of making money fast. These principles are easy to follow and very effective, granted that you follow them

Change Your Thinking And Get Richer

Imagine two situations; 1) finding $1,000, that is yours to keep with no strings attached and 2) earning $1,000 through hard-work.

I’m curious – is there any difference between the value of them? Do you consider one to be worth more than the other? Is there any difference in how you would spend them?

Are they different to you in some way? You can do exactly the same thing with them. I wonder if you really would. Well if you do attach a different value to them you could …

Starting A Business: Do You Really Want to Change Your Life in the Coming Year?

Stripping away 99% of your business start up excuses in one article!

Characteristics Of A Successful Entrepreneur

Studies have shown that successful entrepreneurs possess these characteristics:

The Characteristics of Soul

Like the pedals of a flower opening to the world around it, we create a presence of awareness. In full bloom, the beauty or the lack thereof touches the lives of everyone around us. As our inner patterns of attention move through us, the world illuminates the seeds of awareness contained within us for so long. Here, a life is created. It is the life of our soul.

The Essence of Freedom

Happiness is not a passive state, but a product of positive attitude and positive action. And this positive attitude is the result of a mental effort. In short, happiness implies dynamism. Let us explore this concept if you like.

How do you improve brainpower so that you can actually become more creative?

If you want to be creative, it usually pays to be pretty darn smart. But how do you get ‘smarter?’ Obviously, there are a lot of different theories on all of this, and maybe there is no one right way or one shoe-fits-all approach that can make you a more robust, more vigorous and more intellectual person. However,

Steps to Making Mistakes Count

By Ridgely Goldsborough

A while back, one of my brothers made an error at work, which cost a client a bunch of money.

They leveled accusations, pointed fingers, ranted and raved, filed a lawsuit and after a failed attempt to settle the dispute, ended up in court—a typical insurance company battle.

Oh well, stuff happens.

On the one hand, I take no issue with the process.

Insurance providers charge periodic premiums to a large number of policyholders and aggregate significant amounts of capital.

Steps to Motivating Others

Motivation is the instigation of action that is also the engine of achievement. Motivation is the crucial ingredient to develop toughness and capability to get back on your knees when knocked down with dejection and sorrow. When you are accurately motivated then your attitude and approach towards a certain problem will be very affirmative and that will be the crucial difference between positive and negative reaction. The same rule applies to others. Here’s how to instill motivation in your coworkers and employees.

Steps to Pursuing Your Dreams

By Nik Halik

A friend of mine just recently shared with me the story of John. John was a highly successful business maverick who was contemplating suicide. John had everything materially. He literally owned a mansion, jet-set around the globe, ate at the finest restaurants and stayed at the ultimate 5 star hotels. Yet John’s life was miserable.

First Step to Finding Your PASSION in LIFE…

By Nik Halik

Finding your Passion in life! Connecting to your Power in life! Clarifying your Purpose in life! Without these 3 key ingredients, life will be just getting up day after day and doing all over again what you did all the yesterdays before. Many of the world’s greatest leaders were called failures, until they discovered their life purpose.

Steps to Management Success – Step 115: Make Good Use of Your “In Between” Time


Make Good Use of Your “In Between” Time

In the course of your day or week, you may spend a fair amount of time in traffic, in reception areas, or on line. Instead of simply cooling your heels or impatiently waiting for your turn, use these random moments for pleasure or productivity.

6 Steps to Recognizing and Developing the Building Blocks of Life

By Dr. Dallas Humble

Life is made up of many different parts. In each of these parts, we find a piece of our life that if left unrecognized will leave us unbalanced, underdeveloped and unfulfilled. However you define success, there are approximately six areas of your life that you need to recognize to achieve it. Our life is made up of these separate and distinct parts that make us who we are. These building blocks lay the foundation for achieving success. What we do with them makes us what we are.

Ten Steps to Successful Living

Step 1. Be yourself. Never act like you have money regardless of your status.

Step 2. Live within your means. Don’t try to be someone you are not.

Avoiding the 4 Steps to Destruction – “Determining your future”

Changing ones self is difficult. It has been said, “The distinguishable difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that they are motivated by a dream that is bigger than themselves.” In order to determine where you want to be tomorrow, you need a dream today. In order for that dream to come true you must be motivated, have faith and know how to pursue it. Make the necessary changes in your life that allow that dream to one day become a reality. Without a dream that encourages a vision and the hope it will come true, a person will stagnate in life. This in turn causes bitterness toward the past and present and the cycle of dreaming or determining where you are and where you want to be starts all over again.

Steps to Management Success – Step 82: Don’t Dwell on the Past


Don’t Dwell on the Past

We’re all carrying emotional baggage—the residual pain, guilt, anger, shame, regret, et cetera, over past mistakes, setbacks, and other painful learning experiences—but it’s better to check that baggage at the office door. It will only weigh you down.

Keep up the Passion! An Important Factor for the Continued Success of your Business

As you probably already know, passion is an important factor that can determine the start and success of your business. But how can you “keep” or maintain that passion?

As humans, we have all felt the emotion of passion in our lives. When you have a passion for your work/business, it will take you beyond the road of your desires. It will keep you more determined, focused and motivated to build a successful business.

The Sun Will Shine Again


I really received a wonderful gift today that I want to share with you.

If you have been feeling down and out over the economy, your finances, your health, your relationships, your children, your job or business, I can tell you I’ve been there.

The 24 F Words Mega Millionaires Avoid

If you are very smart and very hard-working, then why aren’t you a Mega Millionaire (worth $10 million or more)? I believe many people do not understand how they are getting F’s not A’s in the game of business. The more F words listed below that you can avoid, the more you will increase the odds of becoming a Mega Millionaire.

Steps to Being an Unreasonable Person

Are you an unreasonable person? Well first, what does it mean to be?

Step 1 Define reasonable: In Paul Lemberg’s book, Be Unreasonable, he defines reasonable as “reason of logic and commone sense, or the reason of explanation and the reason of fairness.”

Here Is A Thought-Provoking Resource…

The Entrepreneurial Author, by Jay Conrad Levinson – author of the Guerilla Marketing Series and 57 other business books – and David L. Hancock – founder of Morgan James Publishing and author of a number of books including The Secrets of Master Marketing and Affiliate Cash Flow Marketing.

The book itself might be retitled: how to be an entrepreneur in life and in business.

Hold onto Your Dream

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?

Hold onto Your Entrepreneurial Dream

In some way, over the last year or so, all of us have had our dreams shattered.

A Dream Deferred

What happens to a dream deferred?

Why Ben Franklin Desired To Do Good Rather Than Just Die Rich

Here’s some insight into the Steps To philosophy. Over the years, I have found Ben Franklin’s approach to life inspiring.

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