Hiring & Keeping Employees

Steps to Providing Employee Benefits for Employee Retention

Good employees are hard to get and even harder to keep at your company. There exists a two-way relation between an employer and employee. The employer gets their business operations completed by employees and at the same time employees get paid for their services rendered. As a business owner you know that some employees are more diligent than others when it comes to your business. These are employees you would like to keep. How? Find out.

Steps to Management Success – Step 131: Find People Who Know More Than You Do


Find People Who Know More Than You Do

You can’t do everything yourself and do it all well. It’s simply impossible. Everyone needs help with something or other. So, find experts who excel at what you don’t do particularly well or at tasks that are not an efficient use of your time. Seek people who are at the top of their fields and have a consistent track record of accomplishing exactly what you need. Don’t just get help, get expert help; hire the best you can find.

Steps to Management Success – Step 127: Reward Those Who Deserve It Before They Ask


Reward Those Who Deserve It Before They Ask

Never get into the position in which an employee asks you for a promotion or a raise. Instead, always stay on top of your employees’ performances and reward them before they ask for more. Beat them to the punch. Giving unsolicited promotions and raises delivers the message that you appreciate the employees and value their efforts on your behalf.

Steps to Management Success – Step 77: Your Coworkers Are More Than Just Names


Your Coworkers Are More Than Just Names

Your coworkers have lives outside the office. Without being a busybody, it’s good to show an interest in them as people. Appreciating the fact that people are more than their jobs and responding accordingly is an intangible but genuine “environmental upgrade” that doesn’t cost a penny and can help build more cohesive work teams.

Steps to Management Success – Step 75: It’s All in the Delivery


It’s All in the Delivery

The right words, tone, mood, time, et cetera can affect how well your message gets across—or doesn’t. All too often, the first thing that pops into your head could benefit from revision.

Steps to Management Success – Step 73: Hire Slowly; Hire Well


Hire Slowly; Hire Well

Great employees are often hard to find—but it’s worth taking the time and making the effort. Don’t settle for second-rate. And don’t give in to the understandable temptation (and operational urgency) to fill an open position as soon as possible.

Five Steps to Keep Your Employees.

Are you worried that your employees might leave your business/company? Here are five steps to keep your employees from leaving your company. Employees are an investment of time and money. If your company has a high turn-over rate, you will be wasting time and money on the process of searching, hiring and training new employees.

Steps to Management Success – Step 39: Hire People More Talented Than You


Hire People More Talented Than You

What is the best way to deal with problem performers? Don’t hire them in the first place! Both poor and superb workers were probably already that way when you chose them, so why not make the smart choice in the first place? Believe me, it’s well worth the effort!

Steps to creating employee satisfaction

A loyal employee would almost always be satisfied, but a satisfied employee is not necessarily loyal. So how do you tell the difference between a loyal employee and a satisfied one? Let’s find out.

Steps to Management Success – Step 7: Hire People Who Disagree with You


Hire People Who Disagree with You

It’s only human nature to be firmly attached to your own opinions, but that’s not always the best way to manage. In fact, it almost never is.

Steps to Management Success – Step 1: Ten Clowns Don’t Make a Circus


Ten Clowns Don’t Make a Circus

Any business, like any circus, requires a certain amount of diversity. You need different people to fill different roles—lion tamers, trapeze artists, and human cannonballs—or the show just doesn’t work.

Steps to conducting an interview

If you’ve started a small business, you may need to hire employees to help make your company possible. If so you will need to accept applications and conduct interviews. How will you successfully choose a candidate? How will you run the interview? Find out how.

No-brainer ways to maintain employee loyalty

Do you want to retain you best and hardest working employees? If so, read on to find out how to build employee loyalty.

Steps to motivating your employees in tough economic times

Need to boost employee morale during these tough times for more productivity. Here’s how.

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