Marketing to non-profits

Steps to promoting your business as a non profit alliance

Commercial for profit business is generally not considered the same as a non profit organization. However, non profit alliances serve for profit business. At the same time for profit businesses can partner with a non profit alliance to help promote their business in a cost effective manner. Here’s how.

Steps to finding good non profit alliances for your business

The growth of non profit alliances/organizations is exponential. Given the shaky economy, many business owners realize that forging a partnership or secondary alliance with a non profit alliance is a sure-fire way to increase sales and at the same time help out a community. There are numerous alliances out there, but those that are important to small business owners and also preferred by them include

Steps to increasing your exposure through a non-profit alliance

Convincing customers to buy your products is a daunting task. Especially in these financially troubled times, your clients want to know what every penny is really going for. Your customers evaluate your goods and services with much more scrutiny than ever before. Using the traditional mediums of radio, television, and even the Internet to sell your goods is not good enough anymore. Now, you need to consider the reputation that is attached to your brand name and the long-term image that your customers or potential clients will associate with your company.

Steps to forming a non-profit alliance

A non profit alliance is simply a conglomerate of different individual non profit organizations, usually of 501(c) (3) status, that combine resources to improve a specific community or cause. Even if your business is not a formally recognized nonprofit, you can still engage in a nonprofit alliance with such organizations.

Marketing to non-profits: helping them help others helps you

Marketing to non-profits is never an easy task: they are not profit-driven; they tend to be much more rigorous when it comes to what they expect from any partner (at least regarding professional behavior and ethics); and they have a sometimes amorphous constellation of stake-holders that rely upon their services. Still, marketing to non-profits can be surprisingly easy – and below will explain why.

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