Government Contracts

Steps to selling services to the government

Given the recent changes in lifestyle after the Great Recession, it is no wonder many have considered selling to the government, which spends $580 billion annually to small business. Here how you can get started too…

Steps to preparing for the GSA on-site Contractor Assistance Review and Visit

Now that you secured a government contract and are a partner with the GSA awards schedule team, you need to prepare for the annual or bi-annual on-site contractor assistance review and visit from one of their agents (commonly called an Industrial Operations Analyst). This is a standard procedure for any business that has been granted a government contract. The federal government performs these

Government Contracts Available to Small Businesses

Contrary to what many believe, there are different types of government contracts. Many advertisements encourage you to apply to get a governement contract, but upon viewing the U.S. government web portal, you will soon find variety of different avenues to take to apply for and win a contract from the government. But before you start

Steps to Getting Government Grants for Your Small Business

There were times when people happily used to donate money to various charity organizations or invest funds in some ongoing project. It was then, when government too had enough finances to support people in their different undertakings. Since the decline of economy, people all over are faced with the difficulty in keeping up the pace financially. This includes small business.

Steps for Landing a Government Contract

Need a quick plan to land a government contract without going through a lot of tape. Read on.

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