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Steps to Get Your Product Made Overseas

From your office, it is difficult to know who is legitimate, and you may not have the money to visit overseas manufacturers. Therefore, you will surely find these six ways to get your product made overseas useful…

Steps to Quickly Get Your Product to Retail

One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs like you after starting your own business is to get your new product on the retail shelves of mass retail companies. It this is your goal, you should…

Steps to Get on QVC to Sell Your Product

Here are six steps to get on QVC to sell your product…

Steps to Business-to-Business (B2B) Sales

One of the most intimidating things new business owners face is how to tackle business-to-business sales successfully. However, if you are starting your own business this is a skill you will need to learn. Here are six steps to get you started…

Steps to Build Your Business Without Competing on Price

Many small businesses make the mistake of trying to win over fickle customers who have no qualms about shopping wherever prices are lowest. The key is to attract and keep loyal customers. Here is how to build your business without starting

Top products to sell online

As a small business owner or potential businessperson you may want to consider developing your business around the following top selling products online. By doing so, you will be able to quickly generate income and at the same time establish a stable business. Take a look.

Steps to Management Success – Step 97: New Gets Old Fast


New Gets Old Fast

To everything there is a season—and that includes new product ideas and consumer tastes. Even the hottest products don’t last forever. Enjoy riding the wave while you can—and do whatever you can to sustain it—but don’t rest on your laurels.

Steps to Management Success – Step 67: Give People Choices


Give People Choices

You wouldn’t walk into a clothing store and expect to see only two or three suits or dresses, would you? As a consumer, you expect choices. P.S.: So does everyone else! The original Model-T Ford sold in only one model and one color, which was fine until the car industry became more competitive. If your industry is competitive, you’ll be more successful if you offer people more choices too.

Steps to Management Success – Step 64: Corner the Uncontested Market


Corner the Uncontested Market

Very few companies sell services or products that are truly unique. However, if you’re offering the only product of its kind being sold in a store (or any sales channel), it has the clear advantages of being more distinctive in its setting by virtue of the fact that it is not competing with any similar type of product. It is, in effect, a “micromonopoly”—an uncontested market.

Steps to Management Success – Step 12: Know Thy Competitor


Know Thy Competitor

Having competitors is not a bad thing. Their very existence proves that there is a market for your products or services. And while you may be inclined to view them as the enemy, they are also a potentially invaluable learning tool—as they can help you answer this critical question

Four Ways to Develop a Niche

Want to boost sales-create a niche for your products. Here’s how.

Steps to Achieve Your Pre-launch Goals

Whatever you set out to accomplish is a series of steps or goals that either prove or disprove your Idea. Ultimately, you and the people you have “sold”, or have persuaded to buy, want to see Performance.

Steps to Your Pre-Launch Phase

In launching a new company the key focus should be on the pre-launch phase and creating sales to generate cash flow.

Sales Wanted: Hold onto Your Dream Part 1

When you start up any business, at some point you have to open the doors and start selling. When the doors open, most of the time sales are low or even nonexistent. Or, you might get an initial flurry of sales and then a fast decline.

The point of sale or launch can be very disappointing.

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