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5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Business Using a Toll-Free Number

Toll-free numbers can be used by business owners to increase sales, but also promote goodwill among potential customers. Read this article on the advantages that a toll-free number may represent for your business.

Are You a Small Business Lone Ranger? Take My 10-Question Quiz To Find Out!

Are you overwhelmed with work? Does it seem there is never enough time to get everything done? Take my quiz to see if you qualify as a Small Business Lone Ranger, and learn 6 tips to cure you of this business-stifling affliction!

Steps to Sustainability Strategies for Small Businesses

The bottom line is that by remembering to do a few things, or investing a few changes, you can save your company’s resources as well as the Earth’s resources. Here are six sustainability strategies for small businesses…

Steps to the best ways build business credit

When starting your own business your primary sources of business credit are your own assets and personal credit. However, over time using your own credit to finance business growth can be devastating financially and also risky. If something should go wrong with your business, you are…

Steps to Building Business Credit

Building credit for your business instead of allowing it to simply tack onto your personal score is essential for conserving cash flow, keeping accurate track of business expenditures, and protecting your personal credit score. Regardless of what your personal credit score is, you can build an ideal score for your business by using the six stages of building business credit to get you started…

Tips for Choosing the Right Bank for Your Business’ Financial Goals

Businesses have different financial needs than individuals and a good bank for individual banking may not be the best for business banking. Here are six tips for choosing the right bank for your business’ financial goals…

Steps for running a small business

Are you a small business owner looking to find ways to run your business more effectively. Read on to find out how.

Cashing in With American Express Blue Cash for Business

Cash rebate credit cards tend to come with a price tag in the form of an annual fee and above average APRs. Judging by the business credit card reviews that proliferate on the internet, this type of business credit card often doesn’t quite deliver on business consumers’ initial expectations. There are some exceptions though, with the American Express Blue Cash for Business credit card frequently singled out in consumer- and credit card site reviews.

Steps to preventing wild weather from ruining your business

The consequences of wild weather can be devastating. It even can affect your business depending upon the type of business and the products offered. But the weather can also have other implications on your business. Here’s how you can evaluate these consequences and protect your business.

Running a business? Effective ways to discipline employees while maintaining loyalty

Every business owner is going to have employees who think that the rules do not apply to them; it is unavoidable. With that in mind, you need to have a game plan in place for disciplining such people so that others are not tempted to do the same – and so that employee morale does not drop. No matter how

Steps to protect your retail business from economic downturns

The recent recession has taught us all many lessons. Business owners have learned to value existing customers that buy their products on a regular basis and the value of having savings and a steady cash flow. This is especially true for retail business owners, who depend upon consumer patronage to keep their business afloat and to feed their families. But as you may already know, the retail business is greatly affected by the economy.

So you want to run a business? Here’s what you need to know

Running your own business is a whole other matter from working for someone else. When you work for another party, you lose your freedom – but you don’t have to take the work home with you at night unless you want to. When the business is your “baby,” and all final decisions go through you, then things become a lot more complicated. Below are three simple steps that anyone should bear in mind when running a business; recollecting them each and every day can spare you a lot of grief.

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