Steps to the best Biotechnology firms in the USA

They also undertake projects in plant engineering for medical research as well as research in food production and pest control for human plant and animal diseases and pest control. There are many biotechnology firms in the USA the five best include Amgen Inc…

Steps to Upcoming science breakthroughs helping business

Take a look at the recent breakthroughs in science and how they can impact your business in the coming years.

Ancient Mayan Mummy Proves A Tattoo Is Forever

Curiously enough, the mummy’s bones revealed what at first appeared to be dichotomous lifestyles. She was apparently motherly, because bone evidence revealed that she had given birth to a child, but a variety hardly motherly clubs were also found buried with her. An archaeologist explained the seeming duality of tenderness and weaponry by stating, “My theory is that she went to the grave, regretting the tattoos and asked to be buried with clubs so she could ward off any evil spirits who might arrive to apply even more tattoos.”

R&D Funding Keeps U.S. At Forefront of Innovation

Federal support of science and technology, combined with the research and development conducted in private industry, has enabled Americans to explore the outer realms of space, create methods to control environmental pollution and develop powerful new medicines.

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